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Letters to the editor

There is a new wrinkle in the search for a permanent home for our city government. At the last meeting of the Citizen’s Alliance for Responsible Government, it was revealed the building that currently houses the City Council chambers is up for sale. On Page 17 of last weekend’s real estate section in the Tribune, the building is shown for sale at $1.6 million.

We believe the city should look into purchasing that property.

The City Council has allocated around $800,000 to remodeling the airport for a temporary location (assuming there are no cost overruns, which is highly unlikely).

They could use that money for a down payment on the current site, and finance the remainder of the cost for $4,550 per month, based on a 30-year mortgage at 5.5 percent.

This would avoid a temporary move to the airport, would guarantee no “unexpected” cost overruns, and would give the city a valuable asset.

The city should give this option careful consideration. We would like to see public discussion of the pros and cons, perhaps at the next City Council meeting.

Pat Martin

South Lake Tahoe

Demand a response from representative

Our congressional representative, John T. Doolittle, has received $45,000 in donations from the scandal-plagued Jack Abramoff.

Doolittle received the third most of anyone in the House of Representatives. Rep. Doolittle should explain his connection to Mr. Abramoff, including a description of positions advocated by Abramoff which he would have been expected to support.

The Tribune should report on this connection and demand a detailed response from Rep. Doolittle.

Joshua Goldman

South Lake Tahoe

Who really needs the wake-up call

I am writing in response to Jim Getz’s letter of Jan. 18, “America, come out of your dark sleep.” Jim, when are you going to wake up? I don’t believe in everything this administration does, but on Sept. 11, 2001, I don’t seem to recall that we were bombing anyone, nor were we occupying anyone else’s nation. Al- Qaida started this war long before we went into Iraq or Afghanistan. These people want to kill you, Jim. And why? Why because you are not a Muslim. You are not a “True Believer” – that’s why. It has nothing to do with Iraq or bombing innocent people. This is a war on terror. All the 9/11 victims were “innocent” people too. Do we forget so easily? If al- Qaida was having a meeting and everyone at the meeting was killed, then I say good! Trust this Jim, NO ONE in al- Qaida is going to shed a tear for you if you happen to get killed in one of their attacks against the “Great Satan.” You can’t lead people into peace who are so fond of killing in the name of religion; it just isn’t possible. No one is silly enough to think killing Osama or any other leader is going to stop things. Just ask the Israelis. They have been killing Palestinian terrorist leaders for years and they still keep bombing those high-value targets like city buses, pizza parlors and weddings. I feel no sympathy for them because I know in my heart that they have absolutely ZERO for me. They want to kill me just because I don’t believe in the right God. So who is it that needs the wake up call Jim?

David Wood

South Lake Tahoe

Alito unfairly favors judicial and executive

We have enough evidence in the past judicial record of Samuel Alito to know that he supports the judicial office and the executive office over the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Citizens would have no protection of their rights if he is confirmed. It would be a grave mistake to place Alito in a position of authority, which could alter the laws of this country in the near future and for centuries because of his unquestionable support for the conservative extreme right. Vote “NO” on confirmation of Mr. Alito.

Corrine Cole


Restrictions on executive power

George Bush’s defense of violating the law of surveillance of Americans without warrants is that surveillance is necessary to fight the war on terrorism. Surveillance is not the issue. The problem is that he chose to ignore the requirement of getting necessary warrants that are required by FISA. He claims that this is an obstacle, but he has 72 hours to obtain a warrant after the surveillance has started and the records also show that FISA has granted almost all requests for warrants, so it is difficult to see that this is an obstacle to fighting terrorism. If anything, it is an obstacle to prevent excessive executive power. This president is a perfect example of why we need such restrictions. To let him continue on his current path unrestricted is a threat to our democracy and our freedom.

Linda McLennan

South Lake Tahoe

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