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Letters to the editor

A college offering classes in “Star Trek Anthropology” and dropping Physics and math classes is ridiculous – if there are students that really want to learn, this is much more important than kids wanting entertainment.

Are we just filling seats for tax money or are we offering something students can use the rest of their lives? This should not be a case of what the student wants, it should be what they need. Is this supposed to be a learning facility or an amusement center?

But as said by your syndicated columnist Thomas Sowell, as long as voters, taxpayers and college trustees tolerate this, so long it will continue.

Wayne Bonesteel

South Lake Tahoe

Why accept defeat with physics?

Regarding the editorial “Physics is all about supply and demand,” there are actually 24 full-time, motivated students anticipated for physics next year. The word used in describing the number of students in that article was “paltry”, which also means insignificant and unimportant. Here are your servers at restaurants, your baristas in coffee shops, your bartenders, ski instructors, lifties, shop employees … students struggling to maintain their 4.0 GPA’s while barely getting enough to pay rent, all because they like the idea of enjoying the area around the school rather than just the school alone. And 24 is the number of people who wanted to fight for the program after they had learned it may be canceled. Imagine the ones we’ve already lost because they had to seek out other schools.

The same article said, “It makes sense then, from a supply-and-demand perspective, that physics should be dropped, at least until student interest picks up.” How will interest “pick up” if the program is not offered? Enrollment records show that a previous instructor took three years to raise the numbers of students in the physics program from a similar number of what they currently are to record numbers for the program. How can we do that if the chance isn’t given to the current highly qualified instructor to grow the program? Nursing, biology, chemistry, environmental science, engineering, any technological field, medical fields … these all need physics.

Has anyone ever heard of a community college that doesn’t offer an A.A. in mathematics? Welcome to LTCC if physics is canceled.

Many claim that cuts are the “reality,” but really, why are we accepting defeat? When speaking on terms of money and physics, which is more important: focusing on saving and spending money, or building an incredible physics program that will draw in money on it’s own?

Tyler Blauvelt

South Lake Tahoe

Crosswalk another Tahoe headache

On the subject of a stoplight at the crosswalk near the Marriott, a bridge or underpass would be better so traffic does not have to idle so much in the Stateline area. If we are to install a light, let’s tie it to the Stateline Avenue and Park Avenue lights so traffic will move. If the light is a stand alone it will mean a stop at Park, a stop at the crosswalk and a stop at Stateline. If TRPA allows that much idling, how about a drive-through? I found that there is another category at TRPA called “health and safety.” Can we put yellow and white lines on the highway for “health and safety”? Let Caltrans paint the lines with oil-based paint so it will stay, for “health and safety.”

Dan O’Rork

South Lake Tahoe

Holistic solutions to crosswalk dilemma

While reading an article addressing the concerns over the safety of the recently installed Marriott crosswalk, I noticed a failure to address the whole picture. Currently there is talk about the installation of a traffic light. However, I observe people on a regular basis crossing the highway inside and outside of the crosswalks in the Stateline/Marriott area.

They are oftentimes loaded down with ski equipment while walking in their ski boots, which inevitably puts pedestrians and drivers at risk for injury as they step out into traffic with no apparent regard for winter conditions. Putting in a traffic light without addressing the problems associated with the improper use of the crosswalks is not a practical solution. Therefore, I suggest a solution be found which addresses the issue of jaywalkers, as well as drivers failing to stop. One such solution is to ticket the jaywalkers along side the negligent drivers. I believe that this proactive step would reduce the number of traffic incidents.

Jaywalkers will be less likely to step out into traffic or block turn lanes by standing in the middle if the street, which causes drivers to become frustrated and confused as to the location of the actual crosswalk. It is not too much to ask that people cross the street in the designated crosswalks (there are three within a few hundred feet of one another). I believe that the city has a responsibility to make sure solutions are found which include the safety of locals and tourists, and that we do not fail to address the facts of any issue just because a mainly tourist crowd is part of the problem. I believe that a holistic solution would not negatively impact tourism in the area because it is based upon the city’s concern for their safety.

Stephenie Stephens

South Lake Tahoe

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