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Letters to the editor

Lest anyone be confused, I’d like to set the record straight. Norma Santiago is not a Sierra Club member. Because of her balanced approach to saving Lake Tahoe while helping our community prosper, the Sierra Club has endorsed Ms. Santiago for El Dorado County Supervisor.

Ted Long is a Sierra Club member. The Sierra Club has not endorsed Ted Long.

In addition, I would also like to set the record straight regarding an assertion in Ted Long’s ad in Friday’s Tribune about “the Sierra Club’s No Growth No Progress Agenda.” If Mr. Long defines “progress” as more vacation rentals that reduce the pool of housing for locals, or by “progress” he means adding 220 more private piers around the Lake that restrict public access, or “progress” refers to noisy helicopter tours that disturb both our visitors and our wildlife, then Mr. Long is correct. The Sierra Club does not want that kind of “progress.”

But if “progress” refers to creative ways to reduce the threat of wildfire while at the same time heating South Tahoe High School, or “progress” means alternative and less polluting fuels like bio-diesel and compressed natural gas for our buses and cars, or if “progress” means finally turning the corner and actually saving this precious lake of ours for future generations, then that is the kind of “progress” the Sierra Club stands for.

Our local motto is TIMBY, “Tahoe Is My Back Yard.”

It’s going to take all of us to make the kind of “progress” we need to save it. Please join us in our efforts. Visit http://motherlode.sierraclub.org/tahoe/ to sign up.

And please be sure to go to the polls and vote on Tuesday, and get your neighbors to do the same.

Michael Donahoe, Conservation Co-chair

Tahoe Area Sierra Club

Feel deceived by letter-writing lawyer

I awoke on May 31 to yet another lambasting in the Tribune of the Ted Long recall in 1971 by George R. Corey, and someone else who lives in Nevada asking for a stupid apology about signs.

I am sick and tired of the childish, deceiving lambasting and outright harassment that Norma Santiago supporters did in the last election campaign, and are now doing in THIS one.

I decided to call Mr. Corey, who failed to mention in his letter to the editor that he was the former Mayor of San Bruno. I wanted to know the truth about Ted Long. Mr. Corey could not provide the information that he stated that he could in his letter. He was conveniently leaving town for 10 days, claims he does not know Norma Santiago, or what is going on in South Lake Tahoe. However, he did say that Evan Williams of Evan’s Restaurant could ‘help out’ with the incriminating files. It was obvious from my conversation with Mr. Corey that he has disliked Ted for 35 years.

I went a step further and called the city clerk of San Bruno. I was told that someone from Norma Santiago’s office had called previously, trying to dig up dirt on Ted.

Here are the facts:

Ted Long was recalled on March 9, 1971 by a vote of 5,045 to 4,702. In fact, if Ted had run again, he would have won, no problem. Instead, he ran for state assembly primary and won. The other ‘recalled’ council member returned to the city council one and a half years later. Mr. Corey ran for Congress and lost.

That is what happened 35 years ago. South Lake Tahoe has wasted two years on this? In those 35 years, Ted has served on over 30 public and community commissions, and has given thousands of hours to our community. Norma arrived six months ago in the public domain and wants to take credit for the animal shelter, wildlife shelter and Internet access.

Danny Freemon

South Lake Tahoe

Mailer contained erroneous info

Imagine my surprise when I saw Ted Long’s latest campaign mailer titled “The Choice is Clear” in my mailbox. It contains a photo of Norma Santiago, myself and several other local South Lake Tahoe residents prior to a full day of registering voters and walking door to door in support of Norma’s re-election. Ted Long’s caption reads: “Pictured a group of workers, brought from Marin County, enjoying free beer and pizza. Solicited by a Santiago supported web site offering transportation, food and lodging to come to work. With an offer like that who could say no?”

Well, Mr. Long, I wasn’t “brought from Marin County.” I live in South Lake Tahoe. There was no “free beer and pizza” to “enjoy.” And, by the way, you have used my image and the others in the photograph without our permission.

I find Mr. Long’s use of this photograph and his fabricated caption to be extremely dishonest, unscrupulous and unprincipled. These type of underhanded tactics appear to be his forte.

Ted Long does not deserve the honor of your vote. Please vote for a candidate with integrity, honesty, and an enduring commitment to our community. The choice is indeed clear. Vote for Norma Santiago for Supervisor on June 6.

Peter Butler

South Lake Tahoe

Coyote ‘problem’ is exaggerated

This letter is in response to newspaper articles and television news spots being shown lately about the “problem” coyotes in the Tahoe Basin. Although it is very devastating and sad to lose a pet, especially to something as traumatic as a coyote taking it, I can’t help but believe that “implying” that it is OK to “shoot and kill” every time you believe your pet or yourself is in danger could only lead to “bigger” problems! I don’t believe that it is “just a matter of time” before our children are carried away by coyotes.

The only incidents we’ve had in the past always seem to “eventually” be explained by someone feeding them and changing their normal fear of humans. I do believe that this year in particular has been difficult for the adult coyotes to find food because of the meadows flooding and they are only doing what is normal for them – finding food for their pups!

Research has been done on coyote families and has shown that only the top male and female of the family unit breed and that the “lower” class females don’t even ovulate – unless the top female is killed – then they ALL breed! So by randomly killing the adults it could actually increase the population! There have also been many studies on the coyote’s main diet and it is mostly rodents. I find it hard to believe that there are “no birds” in the meadow area because of the coyotes – there are certainly plenty of birds and coyotes in my neighborhood. I feel that with this entire media blitz on the “horrible killing coyotes” is causing people to panic when what they need to do is educate themselves. It’s the same as living with bears –you just need to educate yourself on the best way to coexist without the “shoot to kill” mentality!

I consider myself fortunate to have encounters with wildlife, considering there are people who would pay to see what we have in our own backyard.

Denise Upton

South Lake Tahoe

CeleBEARtion effort good for Lake Tahoe

I’m amazed at a couple of recent comments in the paper regarding the new visitors we have in South Lake Tahoe. I have heard such comments as “Gaudy,” “Schlock,” and “Garish” to describe these bears. Well, maybe you are not aware of the grand scope of this project and what it entails? Maybe you just haven’t heard of the CeleBEARtion? Well, let me explain to those who are unaware of what this is all about.

Similar to Chicago’s Cows on Parade, Cincinnati’s Big Pig Gig, and San Francisco’s Heart Extravaganza, this event is designed to bring much needed culture and public art to the community as well as great exposure. Many communities across the U.S. have had these types of events. There are a total of 50 bears that have been sponsored by local business and painted by local and regional artists. Keep in mind folks that art in public places is often not to everyone’s liking. It’s all a matter of personal taste and what works for one person may not work for another.

The CeleBEARtion started May 17 and runs through the end of September with all the bears being auctioned off in October to raise money for local charity. This project offers the potential to raise up to $200,000 for our community! There will be maps indicating where all the bears are located encouraging all visitors to go to each location to see the bear. The event culminates with a photo scavenger hunt offering a grand prize trip for four to return to Lake Tahoe. What a great way to get people to really experience and see our town.

Some of the bears might seem kind of silly, some are more majestic and some are just plain cool! That’s the whole point of it. We want people to come see all the bears of Tahoe this summer and spend lots of money doing it. I think this is one of the more exciting and creative things that this town and the LTVA has ever endeavored. I think this could be a really fun experience for all who encounter a Tahoe bear.

Laura Maffitt

South Lake Tahoe

Don’t trust Doolittle on Homewood deal

With disgraced Delay and our own Doolittle as poster boys in this “culture of corruption,” I really question Doolittle’s sudden involvement in this Homewood sale/leaseback. Are there off the hill high-dollar developers/contributors (over $1 million so far in this campaign) waiting in the wings for the struggling owners to get desperate? Or is it something as basic as looking out for the taxpayers? I think Doolittle’s past performance in the “culture” has shown us the answer.

Jeff Stone

South Lake Tahoe

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