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Letters to the editor

Rick Gardner could be one of the most refreshing things to happen to Tahoe politics in many years. Not often do you find a local boy with the intellect of an accomplished businessman and impeccable family values running for office.

We have known Rick and his family many years before he showed an excitement for political life. We know his parents as hardworking people who have given so much back to the community. We knew his kids before they were gifted actresses and dancers and ski racers. Rick is one of those fortunate ones who appreciates his humble beginnings and strives to make everyone around him a better person without the need for public credit.

Rick came from a family with a good work ethic that taught him how to be successful. His degrees in finance and law will serve him well in a state that needs leadership in financial responsibility and management. He has that experience dealing with TRPA and our property tax issues that no one from off the hill would understand. No other candidate has his level of education and background that will be needed to succeed in our legislature. Our hope is that the voters get to know his credentials as we do.

Rick has the gifts to accomplish much in Nevada politics. Because Tahoe now has 25 percent of the vote in District 39, we are in a unique position of helping him get elected if we work together and urge everyone we know to get out and vote. Let’s help Rick get elected to Assembly District 39.

John and Elena Jacob

Zephyr Cove

We need Murphy’s fiscal responsibility

Janet Murphy will be a great Douglas County Commissioner. We have known her for 14 years. Janet is a hard worker, honest and a good communicator. She is a good listener and will work hard for the rights of we the people. Janet Murphy will see to it that Douglas County is accountable by reporting ongoing and future capital improvements to the taxation department and vote “no” on any projects she deems wasteful. We urge you to vote for fiscal responsibility, fair and accountable.

Ross and Mary Swickard

Zephyr Cove

Don’t discount broad support for candidate

A recent letter regarding the broad support for Douglas County Commission candidate Nancy McDermid challenged the merit of comments praising Nancy because some of the individuals were not Douglas County residents. This is unfortunate because whether you live in El Dorado County, the city of South Lake Tahoe or Douglas County, we are one community and one economy regardless of where our votes are cast.

Even though I live, work and vote in Douglas County, my interest in the candidates for city and El Dorado County political leadership is high because I am directly influenced by the decisions our local political leaders make whether I can vote for them or not. In this context, everyone’s opinions and insights should be welcome here in the Tahoe Basin.

I know Nancy McDermid and Janet Murphy are both quality candidates and can each bring great benefits to Douglas County and the South Shore. However, based on this broader perspective of the integrated and connected nature of our Tahoe world, I think Nancy McDermid is the best Douglas County Commission candidate from District 4.

Nancy appreciates our unique Tahoe tourism market and local economy through her long association with lodging. Tourism is our primary business here.

Additionally, Nancy knows the Carson Valley “ins and outs” and the environmental regulatory structure we all endure from her years of planning commission service. Nancy’s knowledge and experience with these distinct, yet related, critical arenas are fundamental to moving our economy and community forward. I would say this even if I could not vote for Nancy.

Mike Bradford

Zephyr Cove

To council candidates: Check your facts

Here we go, another election. I read with interest the Tribune’s story of Aug. 3, the article of the issues from the proposed candidates for council. While I do hope we will have a serious discussion of the issues, I can only hope that the parties will check the facts before speaking.

Mr. Wendell, for example, wants to improve Highway 50, as we all do. The problem is that several years of effort have already gone into this and I do not recall seeing him at any of the meetings or at any of the six or seven trips that myself and City Manager Jinkins made to Sacramento to secure funding. A major part of the this $45 million dollar project includes Trout Creek to Ski Run (project 11). This includes curb, gutters, sidewalks and bike trails, along with landscaping.

This project is the beginning of sidewalks and bike trails along the entire length of 50, and is intended as a demonstration project to show the public what can be done. After a reasonable time for response and input, the program will likely be carried out for the entire highway. This, along with wireless Internet access and the convention center, are just examples of what the current council is already doing to forward our town as a world- class destination, with maximum benefit to the locals. I appreciate Mr. Wendell’s support.

As to Mr. Crawford, I was amused by his interest in the “public process” when he was in fact a member of the city council that “lost or misplaced $7 million.” I strongly recommend to the voters that they talk to present and former city staff as well as our former city manager before returning Crawford to the council. Also, a review of the 2003 grand jury report on the activities of Mr. Crawford as a member of the redevelopment agency will be of interest to any serious voter.

My point is that the current council and city staff have made a lot of progress, both in financial reserves, a well-managed, non-publicly financed, entirely private development project, and a doubling of the road overlay/repair budgets. I for one would be happy to talk to any potential candidate to share as much information as would be helpful to an intelligent campaign, intended to forward the progress of our city. I caution anyone joining the race to be aware that it seems the minute you are elected, you become the so-called “establishment.”

Ted Long

South Lake Tahoe

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