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Letters to the editor

Thank you Mr. Long for opening a dialogue on the upcoming council elections. You are right … you have not seen me involved in local issues recently (other than some letters to the editor in this publication). I have been taking care of my mother in Los Angeles for the past 2 1/2 years and have only recently returned. Since then I’ve participated in both of the final Pathway 2007 forums. I was pleased to hear the same transportation issues I’ve been advocating and working on for 15 years repeated by group after group. I also attended the Storm Water Management Program meeting on July 18.

Previous to that I have been involved in community affairs since 1991 when I was a member of the Source Reduction and Recycling Task Force that reported it’s findings directly to the City Council. From 1994 through 1996 I served as recycling coordinator for the City of South Lake Tahoe and the El Dorado County portion of the Basin.

On transportation issues, I was involved with Tahoe Coalition of Recreation Providers and South Tahoe Alliance for Recreation. I’ve additionally participated with the Tahoe Tomorrow group and the Tahoe Center for a Sustainable Future. As mentioned in the article, I’m a 1998 graduate of the Leadership Tahoe-Truckee program.

In 2001 I co-founded TRAC (Tahoe Region Advocates for Cycling) and acted as it’s president. As such I’ve attended many meetings with the city, county, Caltrans and NDOT and so I am familiar with the many hurdles to getting basic transportation infrastructure built. I continue that work with the Lake Tahoe Bicycle Coalition.

The Trout Creek to Ski Run project you mention was also slated to be done many years ago … but alas … we still suffer from the lack of a basic pedestrian and bicycling infrastructure throughout most of our community due to funding snafus and just plain poor coordination between the various agencies involved.

I look forward to being able to work with you and other council members in meeting these goals which have been planned since the city was chartered in 1965.

Tom Wendell

South Lake Tahoe

Ted Long is going around in circles

As Ted Long states in his Tribune letter of Aug. 9, I was a member of the City Council when city staff diverted $7 million from the city’s general fund to the redevelopment agency. The diversion (filching) of the funds was done without informing the council. It was an evasion to keep the fact from the public.

It is also true that Tom Davis and Hal Cole were on the council at the time. Mr. Cole has said that he did not know of the “transaction,” but that had he known he would have voted to approve of the diversion. Had I known, I would have voted not to approve the diversion because the redevelopment agency’s project was bleeding the city white. In essence, the transfer of funds was a bailout for redevelopment, a confession of failure, a deal made behind the staff’s back.

In Mr. Long’s effort to, with half-truths, pin the tail on the donkey, he is chasing his own tail. And that’s okay. I have no desire to stop Ted Long from going around in circles.

My hope is that he keeps it up until the first week of November.

Bill Crawford

South Lake Tahoe

McDermid’s my choice for commissioner

The position of county commissioner requires a person who is experienced, intelligent, motivated and knowledgeable.

It’s a full time job that requires a person who won’t be distracted by another full-time position.

Nancy’s the one!

Roy Clason

Zephyr Cove

n n n

I have lived in Tahoe 50 years and have know Nancy at least 20 years. She has always been involved in many community endeavors.

Everything Nancy undertakes she gives it 110 percent.

She will also be that dedicated to our needs as county commissioner.

Her qualifications are well documented. Too numerous to list here.

I wholeheartedly recommend Nancy McDermid for County Commissioner for District 4.

Lisa Maloff

Zephyr Cove

Running out of options for walking my dog

Why is it that I can’t run my dog (on a leash) without him being attacked by loose dogs. A lot of times it seems that I can’t make it a block from home in any direction. I try to remember where it happens and not go that way again, but I’m running out of options! We’re not out in the country up here anymore. Isn’t one of the priorities of the police supposed to be keeping the streets safe?

Mike Tchirkine

South Lake Tahoe

Article on Doolittle tells it like it is

I would like to congratulate Amanda Fehd for her incisive article regarding Doolittle’s attendance at this year’s Tahoe environmental summit.

The article was thankfully repeated in the (Placerville) Mountain Democrat. It was impressive to read an article that tells it like it is. Keep up the good work.

Kathleen McCoy

El Dorado

The new Tahoe: Too rich for my blood

I am a local, and have a lot of company from different areas of the U.S. I take them to all the local spots – yes, we do the gondola. As far as shopping goes, everyone seems to buy the most on the side of the street that has yet to be upgraded.

Is that because they can’t afford the new modern look of Tahoe and their shops?

Linda Truscott

South Lake Tahoe

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