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Letters to the editor

I was amazed and shocked to read that they have sacked Mr. Duane Wallace. Under his direction and guidance, the whole greater South Shore has benefitted in many ways. An objective comparison between South Lake Tahoe and the Douglas Tahoe Chambers would demonstrates this.

I can only guess that personalities overruled good judgment. It makes about as much sense as shooting one’s self in the foot. I am not, but if I were a member of either former group, I would withdraw in protest.

Steve Brown

South Lake Tahoe

Chamber merger doomed to fail

The merger of the two Chambers of Commerce is doomed to fail. The loss of Duane Wallace as executive director is at the least a huge blunder, as was the loss of Kathy Farrell. I recommend current members of the South Lake Tahoe Chamber withdraw from the merger, bring back Wallace, and let majority again rule.

Thomas Comte

Redding, Calif.

Prevailing speed should be heeded

In regard to Juan Lagarrigue’s letter in Monday’s Tribune, the prevailing speed on Pioneer Trail is the speed limit plus 5 miles per hour. Pioneer Trail is by no means unique in this regard. While not legal, I wouldn’t call it hazardous. If you drive any slower than the prevailing speed, even if you are doing the exact speed limit, you can expect to have “nervous” (I’d call them angry and impatient) drivers ride your tail.

The speed limit on Pioneer Trail west of Golden Bear is 45 mph. What you conveniently neglected to state is the actual speed that your wife was driving. While the caller stated she was driving 20 mph, I suspect that is an exaggeration. But even if she was actually driving 35 mph, she was creating a hazardous condition by driving much slower than the prevailing speed. Such behavior will precipitate unsafe illegal passing, as well as honking and obscene hand gestures.

So, Mr. Lagarrigue, please confess to us the actual speed your wife was traveling. If she is truly uncomfortable driving at something approximating the prevailing speed, or feels (barring snowy conditions of course) that driving 10 mph less than the speed limit promotes safety, she should leave the driving to someone else.

Jim Dougherty

South Lake Tahoe

Wood not good to local merchants

This letter is in reference to the front page article on Steve Wood in Tuesday’s issue of the Tribune. First of all, why is this obvious commercial for Mr. Wood’s business even on the front page of a so-called reputable newspaper? The Tribune’s reporter called me for a quote on Mr. Wood doing business in South Lake Tahoe again, and I gave him a quote. Too bad it was not what you printed, only paraphrased. My quote was as follows:

“Everyone makes a mistake and deserves a second chance. If Steve is truly rehabilitated, he will come to Scotty’s Hardware, shake my hand and tell me he is sorry. He would also have to pay me and the other merchants in town full restitution. Until then, I will not do business with him.”

I have a problem with people who take advantage of the local merchants. Tahoe is a tough place to make a living, especially when you have customers like Mr. Wood. Your article makes it sound like he was the victim; not his employees or the entire Tahoe business community.

“Wood is good.” For whom? Certainly not the local merchants.

Robert Cosmi

Scotty’s Hardware

Runnels’ lot needs to comply with law

When is the Tribune going to stop defending Runnels’ car lot and simply print the truth? First of all, the city is enforcing an ordinance that has been on the books for years and is enforced somewhere almost every day. The law is under Chapter 17 of the city code, “Nuisances,” Article II. The law applies to all vehicles that have either been directly abandoned, wrecked, dismantled, and I quote “is sufficiently unsightly as to reduce the value of adjoining property,” or a vehicle with expired registration for more than six months. Runnels enforcement qualifies under several portions of this law. The law contains no blank exception for auto dealers or any other class of people; only if the vehicle is placed in an enclosure or the placement does not constitute a public nuisance. It’s called “civic pride.” I cannot believe that Norma Santiago is defending this mess; shame on her.

As Ms. Williams points out in her letter of Sept. 11, “Runnels’ lot is an embarrassment to the community.”

As to Mr. Sare’s failed attempts to avoid the issue by attacking Ted Long, I point out that Mr. Long has been trying to clean up that area long before any election and in fact, Mr. Runnels’ sign was placed because of Long’s action, not the other way around.

I ask Mr. Sare, where in the law can the accused blame the enforcement as a defense? If I saw Mr. Runnels break any law I would say so, wouldn’t you?

The law provides for a hearing. Mr. Runnels, like any citizen, will have his day. Let’s try to keep it to the issues of the law, not his political preferences.

Trudy Hancock

South Lake Tahoe

Volunteer troops close to breaking

The Washington Post spelled it out this week: the Army is running on empty. General Wesley Clark, former NATO head, recently told me that “the Army is broken.” Our active Army has close to zero combat-ready brigades in reserve. Every available active-duty combat brigade has served one, or two to three, tours in Iraq or Afghanistan. How would we deal with a new conflict? How can we relieve over-stressed troops? Enlistment ages have been raised to 42 to try to meet goals.

The picture gets clearer every day. Our national security is at risk! How can a draft be avoided when our Administration continues to rely only on military force; no diplomacy, no allies necessary?

We’ve arrived at this point by pushing an all-volunteer force close to breaking. And what about helping with more equipment? Knowledgeable Congressmen say key Army tanks, Humvees, and Bradleys are unused for lack of funding. The Army’s Chief of Staff told Congress he needs $17 billion more in 2007 to repair and replace wornout equipment. President Bush was asked in July to request emergency funds for that. He hasn’t done so. Please note that much of that equipment came from our Homeland, our National Guard units.

I am afraid. Afraid for my grandson, now 17. Afraid for those already fighting. Afraid for those already maimed. Afraid for the protection of our homeland. Afraid for my country, which has been so used and abused by our present government. Let us all wake up!

Ann Harmon


Local business is worthy of support

As frustrating as a bad experience with a merchant can be, we need to be careful about a few incidents leading to an indictment of all local businesses. In our 27 years here, we have attempted to “try Tahoe first” and are rarely disappointed.

A recent experience with Tahoe Sand and Gravel, while doing landscape upgrades and BMP work, has reinforced our belief that most of the local businesses have our satisfaction at the top of their customer service list.

We ordered a load of landscape pavers, which we had started to purchase in Carson City, believing they would match. When their product did not match, Steve was more than accommodating in picking up the materials and refunding our money. Their service has also been excellent for delivery of all our other BMP materials.

Let’s give credit where it is due and understand how difficult business is in Tahoe. With lower sales volume, it is difficult for them to stock all of what we may need, but most of those who have learned the secret to survival are good people with good service at the heart of their success.

Support local business when you can, or we could lose them all.

Janis Brand

Zephyr Cove

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