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Letters to the editor

As I arrive for the annual AYSO picture day at the Al Tahoe soccer field last week, I can’t help but notice all the happy kids and parents who renew old acquaintances.

The atmosphere was upbeat and friendly. I couldn’t help but notice as I look across the street at one of Tahoe’s “finest” lurking around.

With the speed of cars racing down Rufus Allen Boulevard, he doles out many $50 tickets to those unfortunate parents who did nothing but take their kids for AYSO pictures (with a large event like this, parking is extremely hard to find).

As each parent returns to their car and drives off, the next one is in line for the surprise of the seemingly planned parking tickets. I understand that there is no parking on that side of the street, but for crying out loud, it caused no danger to anyone, nor were the parents parked there for a long time. It’s sad to think that this parking enforcement officer waited for this community- and child-oriented day to hit the locals for a parking fine when many of them can barely afford the soccer fees. Thanks a lot!

Here is a tip for you. Go to Cave Rock or Zephyr Cove on any summer day and you’ll see that when it says “no parking,” a little slack goes a long way as scores of tourists park illegally to visit those locations. It sure does leave a bad feeling.

Amin Aminian

South Lake Tahoe

Jerry Birdwell’s legal career is distinguished

Jerry Birdwell was licensed to practice law on Dec. 15, 1969. His active state bar number is 02334000, which can be verified at http://www.texasbar.com.

Mr. Birdwell’s distinguished trial record and outstanding reputation for fairness, impartiality and integrity culminated in his being appointed by the late Gov. Ann Richards to serve as Criminal District Court Judge presiding over the 195th District Court. While his time on the bench was shortened by partisan politics, his impact was great. My office still receives calls from persons that appeared before Judge Birdwell and straightened out their lives with his assistance.

I have sat in many courtrooms with Mr. Birdwell as both opposing counsel and co-counsel. I have watched as he commanded courtrooms. I have watched him sway juries and win trials with his closing arguments. I believe his talent is not solely in his legal and oratory skills, but in his keen sense of fairness and the ability to communicate that fairness to others.

All voices, great and small, are heard by Mr. Birdwell. His decisions are based upon all information and made with the greater good as the priority.

I was honored to have Mr. Birdwell as my law partner for many years. He now advises my firm “Of Counsel.”

The citizens of your wonderful community are quite fortunate to have Jerry Birdwell as a candidate for local government.

Tim Menchu

Attorney at Law

Dallas, Texas

Chamber’s choice sends wrong message

I find it ironic that a non-local was chosen to lead the joint chambers. I think our society as a whole spouts catch-phrases of the day such as “hiring locally,” while actions result in the “not-in-my-backyard” mentality.

What message does this send to local business owners, or more importantly future local business owners and leaders? Is our own talent (whether Nevada or California) really so lacking?

I was fortunate enough to get to know both Kathy Farrell and Duane Wallace through the Leadership Lake Tahoe (class of ’04). I have no doubt that the new chamber has lost great talent.

I wish both of them the very best in their new endeavors, and hope the new chamber will continue to benefit the community.

Tricia Ward


New facilities show what we can do

The new college library and adjoining art gallery (to open in January) are very wonderful additions to our community. Hip, hip, hooray for everyone who had anything to do with their planning and construction. If you haven’t visited the new building, I urge you to do so.

This new library, Heavenly Village, the Ice Arena and the Measure S playfield, the Tahoe Senior Plaza, and the growing network of bike trails show what we can accomplish here on the South Shore if we are willing to see what needs to be done and then do it.

Now, we must keep this spirit of accomplishment alive by moving ahead with the Middle School track and a joint administrative center; the roundabout at the highway 50/89 intersection; sidewalks, curbs, and lights for Highway 50; affordable housing for families; and several smaller projects so important to the enjoyment of our community.

Of course there are some among us who oppose these changes, who say they like things as they are.

But if this town is not to stagnate and decline, then we have to continue to develop the infrastructure that will attract private development and give us the housing, jobs, and commercial activity we want.

Something to keep in mind as the council election nears.

Jerome Evans

South Lake Tahoe

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