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Letters to the editor

This letter is to voice my concerns over statements made in Arianna Huffington’s opinion piece in your Oct. 13 issue. To say that the actions of the Bush administration were a “bellicose bark … accompanied by the bite of a toothless old hound” is unfounded and absurd.

The U.S. has held the strongest stance for sanctions against this third-world nuclear power who, over the past sixth months, has been flexing its military muscle. Calling a decision by the U.S. to resolve this within the U.N. “the bite of a toothless old hound” is a bit of a surprise seeing as how there was so much uproar when the current administration decided to proceed into Iraq without the support of the U.N.

The only thing that one-on-one talks and diplomacy with North Korea would create is more tension. With Kim Jong Il’s and George Bush’s political policies on completely opposite sides of this issue, putting them in the same room would accomplish nothing and only lead to disaster. As for using pop culture terms to describe and belittle what are clearly political condolences to oppressed people in the world is insensitive and crude.

The international community warned North Korea that there would be consequences for continuing on a nuclear path, but they continued. Individual talks with a country that has willfully defied the United States and the international community would be appeasement because there is nothing to talk about unless North Korea is willing to stop its production of nuclear weapons.

Alexander DeGroff

South Lake Tahoe

Internet gambling act would deny basic right

Why don’t Americans say in response to this new law, “hey, what I do with my own money is nobody’s business but my own, when the activity I know is legal?” Should the present generation know the real reason why you cannot, it could spawn a political revolt. The fact is, the Secretary of Treasury and the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System pursuant to the “Federal Reserve Act” will claim that the U.S. Government can pass such laws because your money is not yours but a federal reserve note. That is the twisted legal justification of enacting and enforcing such laws, however repugnant they are to the U.S. Constitution. Furthermore relevant, our Federal Reserve System is not a federal agency by definition, but a “self serving” private banking cartel that formed in Jeckel Island, Georgia, and was created as a corporate entity in 1910.

Caribbean island nations won a ruling from the World Trade Organization (WTO) last year and concluded new U.S. laws on Internet gaming were “protectionists.” Here is another example of how the Bush administration wantonly breaks laws and international agreements where it sees fit to do so.

The real mission of this law which was, as I understand it, rammed through Congress hidden within an unrelated Port Security Act, is to stop “tax dodgers” from hiding their money from the Internal Revenue Service and to further establish another precedent that will allow the Federal Government to dictate to all Americans how, when and where you are “permitted” to spend YOUR money. Shame on all of us who cannot see the ruse and deception of this law to be enacted soon will forever deny everyone another basic right to access our global commerce.

Ronald K. Evans

South Lake Tahoe

Why they smile in Washington

Demonstrating the high art of saying one thing while doing another, House Speaker Dennis Hastert smiled for the TV cameras at his staged press conference. He and the “family values” and “marriage protection” boys were “shocked” by their peer’s disgusting behaviors. With a proud smile, Hastert announced he was bringing in the FBI to fix the mess.

He forgot to mention that the FBI is barred from poking around congressional offices. (In fact, Hastert cried “foul” when the FBI tried to investigate other criminal Hill antics just weeks ago.)

Worse, Mr. Speaker disguised the fact that he wasn’t calling for an investigation into the slimy gay-pedophile behaviors – just asking a former FBI Director for “advice.” Do Republicans really need the FBI to tell them to “behave?”

Instead of an investigation, Hastert wants someone to remind representatives not to be naughty. No wonder congressional esteem is so low and people are thinking “G.O.P.” stands for “Grumpy Old Pedophiles.”

Mr. Hastert grinned to the camera and pretended to deal with the scandal; announcing meaningless appointments and toothless investigations, while claiming the high moral ground.

Talk out of two sides of your mouth long enough; your face distorts into a permanent smile.

Eric Graham

South Lake Tahoe

Conflicting statements on 4A vs. 3A sports?

There is a significant difference between a petition to “play up” and a petition to “not be moved down.”

Most years, South Tahoe High School fields very competitive teams in soccer and cross country running. If the coaches of these teams feel it would be counter-productive to compete at the 3A level, then they should not be forced to do so. What is best for the young athletes on these teams?

Also, if playing at the 4A level is less expensive, shouldn’t it be encouraged if it is deserved?

I do not understand Mr. Borges’ position: “If South Tahoe starts winning state championships in the 3A, then that’s a great thing,” and “that decision would be about more than just winning and losing.”

These two statements seem to contradict one another. Why exactly is your position, “We would compete in the 3A in all sports”?

Richard McCann

South Lake Tahoe

Vote for Charlie Brown to safeguard veterans’ rights

I served in the military for 22 years. As a veteran of the Vietnam War, I have felt the sting of an unpopular conflict. I have seen the results of a government that refuses to properly care for its returning veterans.

We are currently fighting a war against terrorist and are using 35 percent of our troops from the reservists and guard. In times of conflict, those who have served and their families should be supported and protected by our government.

What does this have to do with Congressman John Doolittle? Doolittle sent out fliers and spoke before crowds extolling his support of the troops and the returning veterans.

The record speaks differently. He failed to vote on a Veterans Benefits Improvement Act because he was out campaigning. He voted against a $1,500 bonus to U. S. service members in Iraq and Afghanistan while voting for five raises for Congressmen. Doolittle voted against two amendments to increase health care and pension claims for veterans. Doolittle also voted against a bill to increase survivor benefits to orphans and widows of fully disabled military personnel. At a time when we are counting so heavily on our citizen soldiers in Iraq, Mr. Doolittle voted against expanding TRICARE health insurance to these brave men and women.

The result is that more than 20 percent of all reservists lack health insurance. These are just some of the examples of the callus disregard that Doolittle shows for our troops and their families. The record shows he voted against veteran bills 88 percent of the time. As a veteran, I want someone “who has been there” representing my fellow veterans and me.

Lt. Col. Charlie Brown served this country with honor and has a son returning for his fourth tour in Iraq. Charlie Brown will safeguard the rights and the benefits of those who served this great country. Vote for Lt. Col. Charlie Brown, the true friend of the American veteran.

Curtis Nelson


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