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Letters to the editor

I am very disappointed in one of the headlines on the front page of the weekend edition of the paper: “Shootout at STHS.” People who didn’t read beyond the headline to see that it was a basketball tournament might have thought there had been an actual shootout at the high school. Please use better judgment with your headlines, especially on the front page.

Lynn Ervin

South Lake Tahoe

Transferable building rights for fire victims?

Hopefully out of this Angora fire disaster we all find some new creativity in how we approach our growing community.

I recently sent a letter to the TRPA suggesting the idea of allowing fire victims to have the right to transfer their building rights to another buildable lot in the South Tahoe area.

This could prove to be a “win-win” for all concerned. It would allow those who wish to relocate to another neighborhood the right to do so, and provide permanently revegetated open space in the burned residential area to be rebuilt.

These transferable allocations could be treated the same as previously – where the sending parcel would be retired permanently to the Tahoe Conservancy or Forest Service for restoration. The owner of the sending parcel could request a tax write-off from the receiving agency for the value of the sending parcel as well.

Not everyone will wish to relocate or afford the purchase of another lot, but the real estate market is slow enough to make this an attractive idea.

John Adamski

Adamski Construction Inc.

South Lake Tahoe

Forest thinning has moved at ‘snail’s pace’

In February 2004, Assemblyman Tim Leslie invited two fire chiefs and myself to go to Washington D.C. to assist him in making an urgent plea to Sen. Feinstein and Rep. Doolittle regarding what we saw as a certain catastrophe waiting to happen. We told them that it was not a matter of if we would have a terrible fire, but when.

We told them that all we were getting was talk and no action. We told them that the extreme environmentalists could literally not see the forest for the trees when it came to mechanical thinning of our dead and dying forests that surround us.

Much to their credit, six weeks later both Feinstein and Doolittle came and held a comprehensive, well-attended forum.They exhorted us to access their help and to get going now. I remember Sen. Feinstein charging us all with the task of getting to work and directly telling the bureaucrats to get out of the way. We were all told how to access the federal funds. Then the planning started and has continued on at a snail’s pace. So the question is, are we going to continue to let the bureaucrats plan and the forests burn?

Are we going to continue to let the extreme environmentalists sweat us over each and every tree? Why can they not see that a fire is the ultimate threat to the triple bottom line of our environment, economy and community spirit?

Too many of our good friends and neighbors have paid dearly for the inaction. It is time to get the healthy forest-thinning done.

Duane Wallace

South Lake Tahoe

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