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Letters to the editor

Officer helped troubled teen

I wish to express my support for Officer Johnny Poland.

My nephew was an increasingly troubled teen until he met this officer. He was involved in the ride-along program after a scrape with the law and met Johnny during this experience. His whole attitude began to change and he has since found a new respect for authority. He comments regularly on why society has to have proper standards and laws. Johnny has taught him new respect for his situation and mentored him when he really didn’t have to.

Our nephew’s situation is improved and we wouldn’t want to lose this experienced and talented member of our police force. We feel he has a unique rapport with the younger members of our society and has garnered respect for the law when that is increasingly in short supply. Please give him a fair hearing. We have never heard anything but good comments about his experience or work ethic.

We need more officers, not fewer, like “Officer Johnny.”

Michelle Burghard

South Lake Tahoe

Where are funds for fire victims going?

I read in the Tribune about all the money being raised for the Angora Fire victims. My 79 year old mother lost everything she had in the world, including her 60 year old wedding rings. She lived at 871 Lake Tahoe Blvd. and it was a total loss. We keep hearing about all this money that has been raised yet no one has contacted her or tried to help. Where is this money going? Who is making the distribution decisions? We would really like to know.

Daniel Babb


State Law limits down payments

This is in response to the column on July 9 by “B” Gorman of the Lake Tahoe South Shore Chamber of Commerce, titled “Contractor guidelines protect victims.” For your information, California law states contractors can only request a 10 percent down payment, not to exceed $1,000. Before the start of a job, do not give more than that as a down payment. The California Contractors State License Board has useful information to help homeowners. See http://www.cslb.ca.gov.

Misty Johansen

Roof Masters

South Lake Tahoe

Tahoe Airport proved its value during Angora fire

During the past several months, there has been much dialogue between various factions concerning the need for the Lake Tahoe Airport.

Now that the Angora fire is contained, I hope that those who felt that the airport should be closed realize that without the airport, air support for fighting that fire would have been greatly hampered.

Due to the heavy smoke that created an overcast over the South Shore and much of the lake, bombers from the Minden-Tahoe Airport could not respond into the basin to assist due to the poor visibility. High winds also hampered their response. Only the aircraft that were based at the Lake Tahoe Airport in the early stages of the fire and helicopters that could navigate under the smoke could be utilized to fight that fire.

In addition, the airport served early on as the “command center” and then served as the base for air crews and firefighters for the remainder of the fire fight.

So, residents of the South Shore, I believe that you have just witnessed the value of having an airport in the community. Without it, who knows how many more homes would have been lost and how much more forest would have been destroyed by the fire.

I think that South Shore residents can join me in saying, “One of the most important streets in our community is called a runway.”

Bill Schroeder

Tahoe Paradise

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