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Letters to the editor

CALSTAR sorry for Helicopter noise disturbance

Regarding the letter from Susan Gries of South Lake Tahoe on Thursday’s Opinion page:

Lake Tahoe’s CALSTAR flight crew apologizes for any incident that has caused a noise nuisance to anyone, on July 4, or at any other time. Our No. 1 priority is to provide a safe, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, air ambulance service for our community.

It is important to remember that whether a helicopter and crew is involved with law enforcement, firefighting, military readiness, search and rescue, or air ambulance transport, above all, they save lives.

We regret any situation that would give public perception to the contrary.

We would also like to thank the community for being involved and communicating with us when there is room for improvement. Our mission is to always provide rapid transport and quality medical care for the communities we serve.

Tom Pandola

Program manager

And flight crew members of CALSTAR 6

South Lake Tahoe

Rebuilding of fire area should go to local contractors

Tahoe is my home. This community is so tightly knit, as shown by our recent test. “It,” as it can only be described, tried to take our serenity. It took our homes, forest and treasures, but not our strength.

We united – friends, neighbors, families and even strangers. We shook off the ashes and have gone forward. Yes, I’m proud to be part of this village.

How is it, then, that after the outward demonstrations of community unity, we have contracted out services to begin our rebirth, leaving our local professional craftsmen and women to stand by the sidelines and watch? Shame on whoever is in charge. This is just wrong.

Flo Esposito

South Lake Tahoe

Defensible Space Buy Back 2007?

I was interested to read that STPUD now has a grant to buy back “nonfunctional” lawns in the Lake Tahoe Basin. I have a large backyard lawn that I consider to be very functional as defensible space. It lies there doing nothing but growing, using water and keeping my house from catching on fire.

Considering the latest conflagration, I think I will opt to keep my green space just as it is.

By the way, I hope Lake Tahoe Golf Course considers keeping theirs also, as it provides another 11Ú2 miles of nice, green non-flammable lawn right behind my house.

Toni Hall

South Lake Tahoe

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