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Letters to the editor

I stopped by the Bank of America earlier this month just in time to see a patron at the ATM read a receipt before dropping it on the ground with dozens of other receipts and envelopes. How un-Tahoe!

Then it occurred to me that this was Labor Day, the last big weekend for the lake before snow season, and these were all tourists getting more cash to spend and then acting just like they do back home.

Sure enough, I scooped them up and glanced as I threw them all in the waste bin. They were all withdrawal slips.

Bless their hearts, I thought. Come back next year!

— Rick Wayne

South Lake Tahoe

Newcomer says BlueGo is friendly, convenient

As a new resident of Lake Tahoe, as well as a journalist, I found your recent article on BlueGo to be unfair (Tribune, Aug. 31).

First, the reporter’s goal of going “around the lake” is not a realistic objective for the people who rely on BlueGo.

We’re going from A to B, and back again. So essentially, the entire basis of your critique was flawed.

Furthermore, your reporter began his journey by standing at the wrong bus stop for an hour. He then laments in the article that “all of this was not obvious to someone who had not done a lot of advance research.” Huh?

Nobody who rides the bus regularly would consider obtaining a schedule with times and bus routes to be terribly difficult. And if you can’t get your hands on a schedule, a simple phone call will get you all the help you need.

Having recently relocated here from St. Louis, I was stunned when I arrived (without a car) to learn that for just $3, the bus will pick me up at my door and take me wherever I want to go within the city limits. That type of service is unheard of in a major city.

And unlike my experience back in St. Louis, the drivers here in South Lake Tahoe are extremely friendly and helpful.

So while the same edition’s editorial longs for a day when more people will take public transportation, anyone who read your article (locals and tourists alike) is unlikely to give BlueGo a chance, and that’s too bad.

— Tim Nuell

South Lake Tahoe

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