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Letters to the editor

Caraway carried away

Kirk Caraway has decried what he perceives as America’s “Lone Superpower Syndrome.” But in so doing, has he not confused the Bush administration’s overreaching in response to the 9/11 attacks with our country’s previous policies and traditions that made us a beacon of freedom and democracy around the world? Bill Clinton’s Secretary of State, Madeleine Albright, was wont to describe American power as “indispensable,” for without it the world could eventually descend into many regional conflicts like the one we witnessed in the Balkans a decade ago. Despite taking place in the heart of Europe, American leadership and power proved essential in bringing it to an end.

Caraway also decries the absence of effective international organizations, calling the United Nations “dysfunctional.” But has he not overlooked the fact that the UN is only as effective as its members – especially the permanent five on its Security Council – allow it to be, given that it has no military or naval forces of its own? This can hardly be more apparent than in the genocide taking place in Darfur for which the government of Sudan is not only responsible, but also refuses to allow UN peacekeeping forces into the country to curb its ethnic cleansing. In contrast, UN “blue helmets” have successfully kept the peace between Greeks and Turks on Cyprus for decades, and more recently quelled hostilities between Israelis and Hezbollah in southern Lebanon, as well as among the many warring factions, both internal and external, in the sprawling Democratic Republic of the Congo, its largest peacekeeping mission to date.

In short, Caraway’s frustrations with the current state of world affairs are both understandable and shared by many of his readers. But is it not misguided to ascribe the source of those frustrations to America’s lone superpower status instead of to the abuse of that status by the current administration? In the end, we can only join in his expressed “hope” that “the next president can see the light before following the dark path we are on now.” Amen, brother!

Fred Kalhammer


Different view on alleged hate crime

In regard to the Sept. 7 editorial on the alleged hate crime:

Whereas no civilized and decent individual would disagree with the editorial comments anent racist beliefs and actions, I, personally, find the observation that if the Silvas are found “not guilty,” they should be absolved of all blame to be arrant nonsense.

In the court of human behavior, never mind “polite society,” their police-blotter actions lie beneath contempt.

It isn’t simply a matter of “visitors” with money in their pockets; it is, to me at least, the sad and sickening racist attitudes and actions of far too many among us.

Frank Eng


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