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Letters to the editor

Many shopping areas offer free parking

After reading the article about the parking problem at the Village Center, I am going to make sure I do not browse too long (past my Cinderella limit of two hours) during the upcoming holiday season at any of the stores in the Village Center. I will simply not shop there at all.

As for the Heavenly Village parking, why should I pay money to park and shop when I can go to Carson City or Reno malls and park for free? If I shop elsewhere, I don’t have to pay a fee to park, I don’t have to worry about a $50 ticket, I don’t have to deal with a parking Nazi, and most of all, I can shop without any time restraints. I wonder if others will do the same?

You can’t collect parking fees or sales taxes if you drive your customers away.

Lynn Rapp

South Lake Tahoe

Not in favor of a shelter at Tahoe

For 30 years now, I’ve noticed the arrival each spring of homeless people who travel up the hill to escape the heat of the valleys and to occasionally panhandle at the markets and stop signs. They pass through and except in rare cases, return to Sacramento or Reno for the winter.

I read in the Sept. 24 issue of the Tribune that Raj Rambob of Camino is “really excited” about building a permanent homeless shelter in South Lake Tahoe. Also, there was an article some weeks back promoting a shelter here for homeless teenagers. All of these unfortunate people know lots of people in the valley who would likewise, love to move to Tahoe.

I have given to shelters in Sacramento and offered to help serve Christmas dinners for the homeless in Reno but have refrained from encouraging a program for South Lake Tahoe. There is no limit to the number of applicants one could attract to the mountains. Like the movie said: Build it and they will come.

Rick Wayne

South Lake Tahoe

Are educated people now making decisions?

At last someone has decided that political hacks and environmentalists with an agenda is not the group to decide the way that our local forest preservation laws should be decided. Someone out there thinks that the laws governing forest management and fire prevention should be made by people who are educated in forest management – what a concept. But I doubt we will ever convince TRPA to let the people trained and educated on the subject ever get in control.

David DeWitt

South Lake Tahoe

Four more years would be disastrous

If another Republican is elected to the White House in 2008, this is what you can expect. Four more years of war, death and destruction thanks to unrelenting pressure from the GOP. Another Republican president will bring in new lifetime justices shifting the Supreme Court all the way to the right for a generation. There will be four more years of lies and dirty tricks and secrecy from the Republican executive in the Oval Office. The Constitution will continued to be trampled by a party that cares more about its ideology than the American people.

Four more years of a Republican president and you can kiss Roe vs. Wade good-bye. A word of caution for Democrats, independents, progressives, liberals: Join together, work together.

Ron Lowe

Grass Valley

Thompson is clear choice in GOP race

Fred Thompson is the only consistent conservative in the presidential race. He stands for lower taxes, limited government, strong national defense and the promotion of democracy throughout the world. He stands for the rights of the unborn.

For the Republican Party to succeed, it must return to these principles. Fred Thompson will stand firm for these ideas which have made the United States a great nation.

Howard Alford

South Lake Tahoe

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