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Letters to the editor

The Lake Tahoe Unified School District is asking us to fund building for growth when enrollment has continued to decline for more than a decade, including this year. Declining enrollment will force another school closing within 10 years. The middle school is set to receive $9 million in upgrades, but that school is the logical one to close next.

The elementary schools have already been whittled down and you need a high school, so only the middle school is expendable. Lake schools in Douglas County have already eliminated their middle school and we can do the same. South Tahoe is close to buildout, so there won’t be a new residential development to bring new families. Our major employers hire transient international workers who don’t have children. A large percentage of our housing is used for vacation rentals and our senior population, neither of which place children in the district.

By voting “no” on Measure G, you can prevent the district from wasting $9 million on a school destined for closure.

There is still no money for teachers. To better prepare our students for the future in these tough economic times, the district would be better served to invest in its faculty instead of its facilities.

It’s still unequal to all homeowners by giving a graduated discount depending on when you bought your house. The longer it’s been, the less you pay, so new owners shoulder the biggest burden.

The $40 million earmarked for the high school would be wasted on redundant programs and campus modifications that will not alleviate the congestion experienced there daily.

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Measure G is not the answer to the district’s problems, even at a discounted rate. I encourage residents to vote “no” on Measure G.

Stephen Reinhard

South Lake Tahoe