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Letters to the editor

Looking past election day

After listening to the debates, reading the literature, visiting the Web sites and watching too much TV, I’m a still-undecided, independent voter. But here are some thoughts:

1) A possible win-win: Pay no attention to the divisive election-year rhetoric, the polarizing media bias (both ways) or the fear-spirited negative ads. Either John McCain or Barack Obama could become a fine president. There is more than one pathway to success.

2) The new president will need help: Whichever candidate becomes the next president, he won’t get far without the help of the other. Fortunately, both Obama and McCain have excellent reputations for “working across the aisle” – reputations gained before they became serious presidential contenders, so ignore those who now say otherwise. Those skills will be needed and tested. May the winner, and his supporters, be gracious in victory.

3) Show me a good loser. The defeated candidate will return to the Senate with great influence to encourage cooperative bipartisanship. Will that spirit prevail? Or will the radical fringe of losing party gain control – becoming bitter an obstructionist? This time, it may be more important who loses than who wins. And the tone of the losing candidate’s supporters will speak volumes about merits of their agenda.

4) Off the fence by Nov 4. Undecided for now, but I will decide and vote. Hope to see you at the polls. Voting is more important than who wins!

Bob Poet

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Students need us more than ever

I believe in South Tahoe Middle School, and I believe that Measure G is good for kids and good for our community. I believe that our students can be anything, learn anything and become anything because we believe in our students.

I believe that any one of our students can reach their full potential, no matter where they come from, if someone believes in them. This community can’t give up on our students, especially at the middle school. This is a time in their life that they need us the most.

I believe in our staff at the middle school. They work hard every day to meet the needs of our students no matter what level they are achieving.

From the librarian, the instructional assistants, the teachers, the counselors, the nurses, the cafeteria staff, the custodians, the secretaries, the vice principals, they all believe in our students and in what they will be able to become in life. They are there, pushing, teaching, mentoring, counseling, feeding, nurturing, loving and cheering our students on.

The students in this city need us now more than ever. They need to be ready for college and/or the workplace. The students need vocational programs to help support our community; programs for our kids to attend so those that choose to stay in Tahoe can do so. They need to know that we believe in them and they will be successful in whatever direction they choose. Our students deserve great buildings and facilities to learn in and to help them reach their highest potential. Our staff deserves to teach in these great facilities.

This community benefits from Measure G by having facilities that support community activities. The community also benefits by new residents moving into our town based on schools they would like their children to attend. New residents bring in new taxes and a stronger economy for the South Shore.

Vote “yes” on Measure G for our students, our community and our future.

Beth Delacour

principal, South Tahoe Middle School

Grego will work hard for Tahoe

I have known Bruce Grego for over 15 years in both a personal and professional capacity, and it is an honor to support him for City Council. I have not always agreed with him, but I have great respect for his integrity and willingness to listen and make an informed decision.

I believe that Bruce is more then qualified to be a member of the council and he will work hard for all in Tahoe. I hope you will join me in voting for Bruce Grego for City Council on Nov. 4.

Since we can vote for two candidates, I will be supporting Hal Cole as well.

Teri Boldt

South Lake Tahoe

Felton has been consistent leader

There’s an opportunity to make an investment for the future of children and schools in Douglas County. That investment is a vote for Greg Felton as our Tahoe representative on the Douglas County School Board.

We have three children attending Zephyr Cove Elementary and George Whittell High School and we understand the issues and opportunities that face our district. We continue to be concerned and disappointed in the lack of representation from incumbent Cindy Trigg.

Greg Felton has been a longtime, active participant in school board meetings, and with his four children also in the district, he is keenly aware of the needs and issues facing our communities.

Greg has been a consistent leader throughout the lake school consolidation effort, radon mitigation repairs, district-wide budget review and more. We appreciate his expertise, smart recommendations and overall caring concern for our schools.

With 22 years of management and board experience, Greg will employ much-needed creative solutions for the betterment of the district and for the future of our children.

We encourage you to join us and many others to vote for Greg. We ask for your support of Greg Felton, Douglas County School District Board.

Andy and Tracy Owen Chapman

Zephyr Cove

TVES parentssay ‘yes’ on G

As parents of young children who attend Tahoe Valley Elementary School, we would like to encourage all South Tahoe voters to support Measure G for the following reasons:

1. Our children only go through the school system once; we want to have the best facilities for our kids as possible.

2. Parents and the community in the past have supported our schools, now it’s our turn to make sure that all future Lake Tahoe Unified students have safe and quality facilities.

3. Some of the school facilities slated for repair or removal are unsafe. The school district does not have funds to replace or repair these facilities. The only way to provide safe and modern facilities is by supporting a bond election.

4. Yes, we are taxing ourselves, but we are talking about less than 3 cents per $100 in assessed valuation, or $28.70 per $100,000 assessed valuation. This will be on average $54.18 per year in property taxes.

5. If we do not pass this bond, our community will lose millions in one-time matching funds from the state of California.

Even though our school, Tahoe Valley, will receive only a small part of these facilities funds, our children will be moving on to the middle school and high school where the bulk of the money will be spent. And finally, what kind of community will we have if we allow our schools to deteriorate? Safe and quality schools will allow our children to learn and keep pace with other children from other communities as they compete in a 21st-century world.

Please vote “yes” on Measure G.

Sarah Griffis

Christina Saldarriaga

Adrianne McNamar

Amy Lindstrom

Cindy MacLean

Measure G will benefit all of us

Of course no one wants a tax increase, particularly in these turbulent economic times. But it is undeniable that the most thriving communities in California are also those with the best schools.

Excellent schools with modern, well-maintained facilities are one of the magnets that attract new families to a community, and retain existing families.

My wife and I have had children in the school district for the last 10 years, and, all things considered, I think Measure G is necessary.

I certainly understand that this is a tough time to be asking voters for money. However, many of our school facilities are truly in dire need of major renovation and upgrades. The matching funds are an opportunity we shouldn’t pass up.

Measure G is a well-crafted bond measure that was put together with significant input from the community. I believe that passing Measure G will provide essential school facility improvements which will benefit our students, enhance our community and improve our property values. I’m voting Yes on G.

Peter Butler

South Lake Tahoe