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Letters to the editor for April 2, 2014

Trout eradication program went under the radar

While under the radar, unless the public be outraged, in 2008, a huge trout eradication program began in Eldorado National Forest to save a frog. In my recent conversation with Eldorado National Forest fish biologist, Sarah Muskoph shared with me that tadpole eating Brook trout in seven lakes were the reason for an eradication program which had already been completed in 2011 and 2012. Those high mountain lakes affected are located in Desolation Wilderness above the Echo Lake Resort, which are Ralston, Tamarack, Cagwin, Margery, Lucille, LeConte, and Jabu lakes.

To date there is still insufficient evidence that connects frog decline to the eating of tadpoles by trout yet the Forest Service clings to this assumption. In my discussion with Sarah she shared that no yellow legged frogs had yet been found in or around those lakes since the eradication with the exception of a few frogs that had been found in a pond. So much for the restoration project.

Besides the factors of drought and climate change “the decline of the frog from its historic range has been associated with pesticide drift from agricultural areas. Frogs that have been reintroduced to water bodies cleared of fish have failed to survive, and analysis has isolated pesticides in their tissues. Pesticides are considered by some authorities to be a greater threat to the frog than the trout. The roles that pesticides and introduced fish play in frog declines is still debated, and the loss of R. muscosa has probably been influenced by multiple factors,” (according to 2007 report by C. Davidson and R.A. Knapp of San Francisco State University).

Chuck Frank

Penn Valley, Calif.

Student hopes you vote for library measure

Once I popped a bubble filled with carbon dioxide from dry ice and it was very cool! That was at the Tahoe Library’s summer program. I love the library. I am home schooled and we get about 75 percent of my books from the library system’s six branches. If there is a book that is in another library, you can get it. I have The Red Badge of Courage loaned from Placerville.

All sorts of people use the library for different purposes. I go there almost weekly, and there are reading programs and writing programs. I’ve seen friends studying and little kids playing with dinosaurs and blocks. All nine of the computers seem to be in use most of the time. Teens can go there for education, for a safe place to go after school and even do homework on borrowed laptops.

Measure L is for continued funding of the SLT library. Vote ‘yes’ on Measure L’s June 3rd ballot. It is $20 year. Your taxes will not go up. You will pay what you have been paying for 12 years! Unless it passes with a two-thirds majority, we do not keep all of the things that we have now. We will have fewer programs, and school kids won’t be able to go there most afternoons because the hours might be cut to two days a week. If I could vote, then I would vote for the library! We need your vote for Measure Library!

Jessie Brown, 14

South Lake Tahoe

Ribaudo column shows shallow understanding of Meyers’ issues

It seems that Carl Ribaudo considers himself a progressive, and exhibits a general characteristic of progressives. With their hubris they think that their opinion counts and that others should do what they want. His and Norma Santiago’s opinion that the residents of Meyers are NIMBYS shows their shallow understanding of reality. Carl points out why development in Meyers doesn’t work with his listing of the failed businesses in Meyers but doesn’t look at the reason for the failure.

Meyers is a gateway to South Shore, not a destination. The only reason tourists stop in Meyers is to install tire chains. The only businesses that survive here are those supported by locals. The skepticism about development by us residents of Meyers just reflects reality. Reality would have to change drastically for their grandiose ideas to make financial sense.

Harold Parks


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