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Letters to the editor for April 2

Provided to the TribuneLynne Paulson spotted this bear recently in Washoe Meadows State Park.

Last month, I saw a bear in Washoe Meadows State Park. He spent a day sleeping under a tree. He had been eating natural food, including pine nuts. The next day, he traveled a few hundred yards to a den area in the midst of trees and fallen trees and logs.

If the golf course is moved to this park, where will this bear go except into our neighborhood to find food? Where will he be able to rest undisturbed by golf carts and golfing activities? What will happen when part of his access to water is cut off?

The wildlife has lost a lot of habitat due to the Angora fire. It will take decades for the burned area to recover. We need to protect the integrity of Washoe Meadows State Park and its wildlife habitat.

Lynne Paulson

San Jose

Measure A, the school bond issue that will be on our June ballot, deserves thoughtful consideration.

First, the school district wishes to tax property at a rate of $37.80 per $100,000 of a parcel’s assessed valuation for a number of improvements on district school sites. What must be remembered is a tax always redistributes the wealth of a community, a shift of wealth from A to B. Thus, it is a serious business. That’s why in such a circumstance, a measure must pass by more than a simple majority vote. In the case of Measure A, the majority must be at least 55 percent of the votes cast.

In the case of Measure A, the request for a tax increase is misguided, because the use of the tax dollars would not address the more urgent problems that the schools must address, such as the below-standard test scores at two of our schools. If the test scores do not improve, then the state may step in and administer the schools to improve test results. It appears that the school board and administration are attempting to sidestep this issue or problem. A green academy at the high school will not improve test scores in the grade schools or middle school.

The problem in our schools, not only here but in other districts, is the fact that early on in the life of schoolchildren, schools begin to pigeonhole kids, and by the time they get to middle school and high school, they are warehoused, sitting and rotting emotionally until they can legally leave that cultural prison which has labeled them superfluous throw-aways, where cameras must be focused on them as they move through the school day. At our high school, too many kids are condemned to be inmates. Thus, the rebellion. In California, kids must stay in school until they are 18 or have graduated. That is a life sentence. Measure A will not free the prisoners.

Bill Crawford

South Lake Tahoe

Think back to our ancestors in the Eastern European ghettos. Their rabbis, on occasion, might have cried out in anguish about the injustices that they suffered. They probably blamed the conditions which prevailed and the governments in force there. Congregants did not walk out on them.

Yet some in our country do not think the black community has anything to complain about. Should they think that, in general, it is their fault that they have not “made it” here? Should they just shut up and be grateful anyway? Michael Bloomberg knows this is not a Jewish attitude. Nor is it Christian.

To extrapolate that Barack Obama is going to do the worst with sentiments expressed on occasion by his pastor is giving little credit to Obama’s history, education and accomplishments. What all this does do is give him the perspective that we need to make a giant leap forward.

William Bandes

Zephyr Cove

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