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Letters to the editor for Aug. 13

I rarely agree with anything Mike Weber says, but he is right when he said “whiners” need to run and get on the City Council! South Tahoe locals have another chance to take back their town this election, with two council seats open. If you live in the city limits and wish to take back your town, file papers today and run for City Council.

We need council members who will put roads, sidewalks, public transportation and other “local” needs first, and put tourists, business interests and development down the list and casinos last. Take back our neighborhoods by eliminating vacation rentals. Pass a law that allows all residents of El Dorado County in the Lake Tahoe Basin to vote on South Lake Tahoe issues and council members. Why? Because everything the city does affects the entire South Shore.

And, maybe most importantly, if you have a high level of common sense, you would make a fantastic council member. You must file today!

Steve Ashcraft

South Lake Tahoe

Editor’s note: The filing deadline to run for City Council in the Nov. 4 election is at 5 p.m. today. Candidates must be registered voters and live in South Lake Tahoe. Contact the City Clerk’s Office at (530) 542-6004 for details.

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In response to Gay Havens’ notion that the Cold Creek Multiuse Trail is in some way her personal walking path (letters, Aug. 12), I can assure you that it isn’t.

I have been hiking, running, biking and enjoying the Cold Creek Trail since the age of 11, which is 23 years. Cold Creek residents and tourists alike have been biking the trail since before the term “mountain bike” was in existence, and I feel pretty confident that bikes outnumber hikers on this trail.

The Forest Service does an excellent job of maintaining this trail for multiple uses, and I look forward to any improvements they feel will help stabilize the trail for all of us. Trail repair and adjustments for erosion control are common on all trails, including those that are designated for hiking only.

Your romantic fantasy about a trail created by fishermen and hikers is also a bit skewed. Much of the lower trail was created by now-prohibited ATVs and the rest by stray cattle which grazed High Meadows.

If you can’t possibly bear the thought of sharing trails with gangs of rogue bicyclists, then I suggest you take your walks on the many trails that are designated as pedestrian and equestrian only. The rest of us will continue to share the mountain.

Brett Long

South Lake Tahoe