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Letters to the editor for Aug. 26

I would like to comment on the fine job the road construction workers did repairing Highway 50.

When I first noticed them preparing the road for resurfacing, I thought it was gong to be a long haul with all the traffic. Well, after the prep work was finished, it seemed like magically the road was finished in stages overnight. I experienced very little inconvenience, if any at all.

Thank you for the courtesy of the night work. You made our driving a lot less stressful.

Tony Contestable

South Lake Tahoe

Not Oz,

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but Afghanistan to rest

in its bone yard,

the place where

Greeks, Romans, Persians,

Brits and Russians did trespass,

and with their blood

watered the land.

Their donations were accepted

without discrimination.

Blind to what’s written

we succumb to

our own damnation

where poppies grow

covering those

who perished there.

We’re off to Afghanistan

where the gods jest,

play a comedy,

mocking those

who have assumed divinity

in a senseless show

of might against might.

In Afghanistan the ghosts of empires past cannot rest

in the bone yard

where it is always midnight.

Bill Crawford

South Lake Tahoe