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Letters to the editor for Aug. 27

I have been reading with interest the hiking/biking letters to the editor regarding the Cold Creek Trail redesign/rework. I am a 73-year-old senior who enjoys both biking and hiking. For the last 29 years, I have owned in Montgomery Estates. During this period, I have hiked and biked the Cold Creek Trail (i.e., our neighborhood trail) many times with my wife, children and grandchildren.

Twenty-five years ago, I came across very few hikers and almost never a biker. About 15 years ago, there started to be more hikers and a few more bikes. Ten years ago, the biking popularity increased. Today, I see as many bikers as hikers on the trail; most bikers only go down the trail, very few go up, as they appear to use the road.

During this period, erosion has increased, and it appears to be a result of the increased biking use. At least two and maybe more locations have erosion primarily (my opinion) because of aggressive biking.

There are at least two locations where bikers’ brakes need to be “locked up” on the pulverized granite downhill surfaces. Forest Service representatives have proposed to rework the trail to minimize erosion.

So what cost-effective solutions exist (i.e., I hope the Forest Service will spend our tax dollars wisely)? It was suggested by a previous contributor on this subject that the existing dirt road on the other side of Cold Creek could be utilized for bikes. This appears to be a solution that has recently been used by the Nevada Department of Forestry on the Spooner/Marlette Lake Trail. After many years of multiuse of the road/trail up to Marlette Lake from Spooner Summit, a separate trail for hikers was made, and the bikers continue to use the existing dirt road. I understand that both the bikers and hikers are happy. I believe very minimal trail rework would be needed if the existing trail was for hikers only and the existing road for bikers.

Gee, maybe this would save us taxpayers some money. Or better yet, reallocate trail funds to fire suppression, but that will be another letter.

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Bud Voisinet

Montgomery Estates