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Letters to the editor for Aug. 7

Heavenly would like to thank our neighbor, Tom Gastol, for bringing the neighborhood trash problem to our attention in last week’s letter to the editor. We appreciate the heads-up. Although we make every effort to cover every base – particularly in the area of environmental stewardship – our previous attempts to keep the area free of trash have not been completely effective.

Since reading the letter to the editor in the July 30 paper, we have taken it upon ourselves to initiate a more formal, ongoing program designed to rid the neighborhoods around our base areas of the trash left by some of our guests. Our goal is to make sure our guests do not adversely impact those who live near the resort.

The people at Heavenly take great pride in our environmental stewardship. We have an excellent record of going above and beyond when it comes to protecting and managing the beautiful, yet fragile environment within the Lake Tahoe Basin. Helping rid our adjoining neighborhoods of trash is another opportunity for us to show that we are serious about protecting the environment.

Andrew Strain

Vice president of planning and governmental affairs, Heavenly Mountain Resort

Thank you to South Lake Tahoe community members for attending the open house at Lake Tahoe Wildlife Care, which this year celebrated its 30th anniversary.

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Two weeks ago, I felt a disaster approaching: We had two bear cubs, two coyote pups, two great horned owl babies, one Merganser and numerous songbirds.

But then along came Smokey! This little bear cub turned our nation and the world on to Lake Tahoe. We have had 10 television stations videotape dressing changes on Lil’ Smokey’s paws.

Last weekend, Dr. Kevin Willitts decided to change Smokey’s dressings every other day. This is good for everyone, including the cub, though this is not Smokey’s favorite activity.

Earlier this week, Smokey’s rescuer, Adam Deem, the firefighter who got the cub medical assistance, visited Lake Tahoe Wildlife Care to see the cub for the first time since July 17. It was a moving reunion.

At the center’s open house, Frank’s TV kindly donated a 50-inch television. Through the TV and our closed-circuit cameras, event attendees could view Smokey in his temporary enclosure.

This was our second-best open-house turnout ever, as more than 920 people attended. These generous people helped us raise more than $6,000 to help the center raise, rehabilitate and release the animals we take in.

Thanks, too, to our wonderful volunteers who gave guided tours of the grounds. Thanks, also, to Harrah’s Lake Tahoe for providing two sheet cakes to help us celebrate our 30th anniversary, and to Ken Spalding, who helped us set up the closed-circuit TV to see Lil’ Smokey.

And, finally, the grounds looked pristine, as they usually do during open house. So, to our fantastic volunteers who made the facility shine, we’re very grateful.

We invite the public to visit our Web site (www.ltwc.org) as we update Lil’ Smokey’s status. And on behalf of the Board of Directors of Lake Tahoe Wildlife Care, thank you, Tahoe Daily Tribune for helping us publicize our programs.

Tom Millham

Secretary/treasurer, Lake Tahoe Wildlife Care, Inc.