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Letters to the editor for Aug. 8

I was concerned to read the article in Monday’s Tribune about a man who saw a bear in his neighborhood, went into his house, got a rifle and went out again and shot the bear. We live in a forest area with numerous animals: bears, coyotes, deer, squirrels, cats, dogs and humans. It is against the law to shoot a rifle in the city at these animals.

This incident reminds me of the Realtor who shot a coyote carrying a stray cat in the city a few years ago. He was cited. The same should happen to this man.

There is no place for hunting and killing of animals in South Lake Tahoe.

Ron Kline

South Lake Tahoe

Let me get this straight. A bear was going through some garbage. The bear was scared away. The man came back out to look again to make sure the bear was not in the garbage. The bear had left. But the man, instead of returning to his house, went to look for the bear with rifle in hand. He went to the end of his street and into the pasture, found the bear, obviously made some noise, the bear turned around – and the big, mighty man shot the bear!

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What was he thinking? This man deserves to be punished for stupidity as well as firing a rifle in a residential area, shooting a bear without a permit, and I’m sure several other laws that were broken. And worst is the fact that now we have an injured bear out there who most likely will harm someone.

C’mon, people, we have to live with bears. Yes, they can be a problem, but somehow we have to find a way to coexist. I don’t have answers, but there are people who do if we listen. For example, that baby bear was put down in Tahoma because the woman didn’t listen to Ann Bryant of the BEAR League as to what she could have done. We’re losing bears for stupid reasons here in Tahoe.

I personally moved here for the beautiful scenery and the wildlife. I think many others did also. As for this man, I can only hope that he is punished to the fullest extent of the law, and if this injured bear harms someone, I hope he will be charged with that also, and it won’t be blamed on the bear.

Robyn A. Kern

South Lake Tahoe

In today’s economy, I hope that small-business owners are careful about their employees projecting the same image they are trying to market.

I have observed a locals’ favorite “family” breakfast and lunch cafe that changed owners recently unravel into a bar-type atmosphere due to shabby waitress conduct. I have seen the main waitress smoking cigarettes and talking on a cell phone outside the restaurant and then immediately handling customers’ food; sitting down next to men to take their orders; calling teenage boys “handsome”; wearing low-waisted clothing with the midsection hanging out; conversing about “Mary Jane”; making witty remarks to married men.

It sends shivers down my spine knowing the new proprietor has lost loyal local family business. Hope you can make it through the shoulder seasons. Families are getting away from the service and going elsewhere. Owner beware: You need to be there. Your waitress belongs in a bar.

Pat Miller

South Lake Tahoe