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Letters to the editor for Dec. 13

In his letter to the Tribune on the subject of redevelopment (Dec. 10), Councilman Ted Long begs the question when he claims “… the major benefit of redevelopment … is of infrastructure replacement and repair.”

In fact, because of the public debt created by redevelopment, a debt of $200 million with a debt service of $8 million yearly, the city hasn’t the financial resources to do what a city should do: namely, to keep the city’s infrastructure in good repair or renewed.

The city was born in November 1965. Thus, for more than 40 years, the city has neglected to build sidewalks and gutters, etc. Most city streets are in a deplorable state of decay.

In Mr. Long’s neighborhood, Sierra Tract, it is the California Tahoe Conservancy that is footing the bill for the improved infrastructure, not city redevelopment.

My concern is the human cost of redevelopment to those removed by redevelopment, be it housing or businesses condemned or loss of a livelihood. Ted Long chooses to ignore that concern. He chooses to do so for the economic gain of private interests, not for the benefit of the community.

To protect those interests, Ted Long distorts, misleads and spreads disinformation. It is said that style is the man. Thus, we know Mr. Long.

Bill Crawford

South Lake Tahoe City Council

I wish to thank Lee Griffin (“Democratic leaders are undermining peace,” Letters, Dec. 3) for prompting me to write a letter to the editor.

Peace starts at home. Are you kind to the person in line next to you or on the road with you? The “news” has long strayed from delivering facts to manipulating you (the viewer) to create as much drama as possible to sell advertising.

Peace is quite a miraculous thing. It spreads from person to person just as the sunrise spreads across the horizon. I challenge all of you to be individual vessels of peace. Once you start, it really is addictive and contagious. Blessings to all.

Cheryl Hester

South Lake Tahoe

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