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Letters to the editor for Dec. 18

It has come to my attention that the Bus Plus/Blue Go has cut services dramatically since summer.

This service should be running 24/7 in a 24-hour drinking town. Now, its door-to-door service runs from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. The parties start in the evening hours. Does the city think it will get more revenue in DUIs to save the failing economy?

There is no reasonable alternative mode of transportation, other than spending $20 or more on a cab (one-way) or, “Oh, how about a designated driver?” Then there’s the bus that only runs up and down Highway 50/Lake Tahoe Boulevard.

We should be giving out free vouchers during the holidays to our visitors and have student and senior discounts.

As a community, we need to step up to the plate and insist on safe and accommodating public transportation 24 hours a day for everyone – transportation that covers the city and county, not just the main thoroughfares. We have no street lights off the beaten path. We walk in the dark, on snow and icy streets. Is this what our visitors are looking for in their vacation at Lake Tahoe? I think not.

There’s extra traffic over the holiday crunch. Most of our tourists are flatlanders and not familiar with winter driving. Add drinking to that picture.

I have lived in South Lake Tahoe since 1979 and have found the local transit system to be poorly managed with no consideration of Meyers or the Nevada side of Stateline; they are part of our community as well. This is a Stone Age we are living in compared with any other city of our size.

We talk of redevelopment, at what cost? I say safety first, redevelopment second.

Bravo, city officials, for yet another brilliant job in this decision. Just keep digging that “big black hole,” another empty convention center, instead of marketing our natural resources as the main attraction of our lovely area.

I think locals and visitors alike would agree that things need revamping in this very serious matter.

Karen Jaime

South Lake Tahoe

Hats off to Bill Krissof, the Truckee surgeon willing to serve in Iraq. In an age where every parent says, “Not my child,” his patriotism is commendable.

Who will protect this great country and its freedoms if no one wants to serve? Without war, we still need a military. Young people seem to have little idea of how our freedoms were won or sustained and less desire to serve.

Becca Cunningham

South Lake Tahoe

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