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Letters to the editor for Dec. 24

I second the letter saying, “Hats off to Bill Krissof, the Truckee surgeon willing to serve in Iraq.” Serving in the military is honorable and distinguished, and we all owe a debt of gratitude to the men and women who serve. In both war and peace, we need our military to defend this great country. Patriotism is the backbone of this nation. This country was founded by brave, honorable and distinguished men and women who were unwilling to accept the corrupt rule of a king out of touch with the needs of his subjects, the commoners. Think back to the Revolutionary War and recall how the patriotic were those who defied a corrupt government that took all it could from the colonists in the New World for personal gain. The greed and arrogance of the king and his elite court is what gave rise to the United States of America.

It is time for this type of patriotism again. Yes, patriotism sometimes requires that we, as individuals, do not follow blindly the leaders who carelessly sacrifice the lives of our brave soldiers and cripple our military might in exchange for corporate profits and huge campaign contributions. It is widely acknowledged that the war in Iraq is not about our freedom. So it should not be surprising that parents don’t want their children to join the military these days.

If we want parents to stop saying “not my child,” I believe we must require our government to care for our soldiers more responsibly, and we do this by becoming informed and voting intelligently. We all must take the time to learn and understand the platforms of the candidates and the party each represents, find out who is bankrolling their campaign and why. Do not listen to catchphrases, negative campaign ads and corporate-funded slander groups. Do not be persuaded by fear. No matter what the challenge, this nation can rise to meet it as long as courage and intelligence prevail. It’s time we support our troops and our military by becoming involved. We don’t need another bloody revolution to accomplish this, but we do need a revolution in the voting booth.

Joel Hannel

South Lake Tahoe

The Lake Tahoe Visitors Authority seems to get a lot of grief on the Opinion page. I would like to thank them for the wonderful Christmas party the other night: the tree lighting, the sleigh ride, the open-pit fire, cookies, hot chocolate, etc. That was so hometown and so much a part of the reason we live in Tahoe. My kids are blessed to have the opportunity to ride in a sleigh with Santa. So I hope you print this thank you and Merry Christmas to everyone, especially the great people at the LTVA.

Edward Johns, Floppys Computers

South Lake Tahoe

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