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Letters to the editor for Dec. 26

As Tahoe awaited its first major snow of the season, I saw a sort of gray “funk” settling over the basin. I’m not talking about a weather phenomenon, per se, but about the forlorn faces and slumped shoulders I observed. Along with the “Tahoe Crud” cold that is making the rounds, I, too, have been afflicted with this funk.

Although the recent snowy weather likely improved both our sagging spirits and anemic business performance, we must inoculate ourselves against the possibility of dry winters.

This is what is really bothering me. While the prospect of declining snowfall is, or should be, on everyone’s radar screen, there is not enough being done to fortify our economy against such a possibility. While there is much talk about making Tahoe an example of sustainability and attracting geotourism to the area, not enough action has been taken. While there are numerous committees and task forces attacking the problem (and I participate in some), many of the solutions have been before us for years – even decades.

There has never been a greater need to push the Model Community concept – taking the lead in ushering in sustainable solutions in areas such as construction, transportation, energy production and wildland management. While there are a few examples of green construction after the Angora fire, the argument always comes down to money: “It’s more expensive to go green and sustainable.” I’m reminded of the TV commercial for auto maintenance: “You can pay me now – or you can pay me later.” It always costs more, much more, to pay later.

If we hope to insure ourselves against the possibility of declining snowfall, we must bolster our economy by becoming a model of sustainability. By attracting those who will visit Tahoe for its environmental and cultural assets and flock to our new convention center to see and learn “How Tahoe Reinvented Itself,” we could replace those potentially lost skier dollars while ensuring the health of Tahoe’s physical and social environment. Reinventing ourselves must be put on a fast track if we hope to compete in a changing business and weather climate.

Tom Wendell

South Lake Tahoe

Just a few thoughts: 1) An indoor skate park is a great idea because people with some authority could monitor everything going on there, especially the use of helmets/pads, which I never see used at the current site.

2) Parking at the Raley’s-anchored Village Center is the business of the property owner and no one else. I don’t shop at Heavenly Village because of the hassle of parking, but I certainly don’t expect the Village Center to supply free parking to everyone who whines.

3) To me, there are only two presidential candidates who are saying what they really believe: On the Democratic side is Dennis Kucinich, and on the Republican side is Ron Paul. Their past statements/voting records truly coincide with what they are saying now. I might not agree with them on everything, but I certainly respect them for saying what they truly believe in, and we need the real deal to shake up our political system. The Republicrat Party needs a wake-up call. Get the money/special interests out of our politics, get rid of the pork barrel and get some common sense.

Eric Hellberg

South Lake Tahoe

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