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Letters to the editor for Dec. 5

I applaud the Tribune for its coverage of redevelopment “blight” in Tuesday’s issue. For more than a decade, I have opposed the use of eminent domain by the redevelopment agency because it takes private property (or private business) by condemnation and turns it over to another private party. It is a terrible weapon in the hands of civil servants who use the force of the government to achieve the goals of private developers who often are outsiders who come to raid the community for economic gain.

The agency’s operation is void of the essential, necessary sensibilities that it needs to put a human face on those individuals who are greatly harmed by the condemning and taking of businesses that are doing well and providing a livelihood for the individuals who are forced to move. It is important to underscore the agency’s use of force.

In a way, the agency operates like an invading army. It removes people from property, takes it by force and turns the property over to others (private developers) who will occupy the property. In a free, law-abiding community, the above behavior has to be condemned outright. Such behavior is shameless without a sense of morality. Such a norm of behavior destroys the necessary trust in government that is needed to hold the community together, to be a community.

In fact, what redevelopment has achieved in the city of South Lake Tahoe is this: It has torn the town apart. The town is divided. There is Stateline and what is left out. There is no center, no heart that is a must if we are to have a healthy, thriving community.

Again, I applaud the Tribune for its coverage of redevelopment “blight.”

Bill Crawford

South Lake Tahoe City Council

It is difficult for me to understand why citizens of such a beautiful place (Tahoe) would be focusing their energy debating the validity of an environmental review when instead we could be manifesting change to reach the higher standard. Is not our priority as residents of Lake Tahoe to maintain the unchallenged beauty of the space we all live in? I grew up in Lake Tahoe and will always call it my home. My home is the place in the world that I want to protect and pass on to my children.

I attend the University of California, Berkeley, and I understand the alphabetical grading system. Whether it is a “C” or “D” grade, that should not be our focus. All this grade means is that we were not doing our best; somehow, either through rushing or not showing up to class, we missed the right answer. There is still hope, and fortunately with a “D,” we can take the class over and our new grade will overwrite our old one. Therefore, this grade is really just constructive criticism and feedback on how we can improve and protect our home.

Do we not all say the home is where the heart is? Well, Lake Tahoe is my heart and soul, and this is an opportunity to pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off and move on in the other direction.

For a moment, I request that all reading this will think of a beautiful time they had in Tahoe, and hold that image in your heart and mind at all times, because this is part of you – this lake supports our lives, and to reciprocate the gift, we must act with consciousness.

Shauna Seager

Incline Village

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