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Letters to the editor for Dec. 6

I read the article in Monday’s Tribune about the bear poaching and had a comment. Let’s keep our bears a secret. Let’s stop writing about how short-handed our game wardens are and how many bears are poached.

If I were a bear hunter, those numbers would look pretty good. Especially since I’ve read that some gall bladders go for good money.

I know writing this even defeats my purpose. Hopefully, this will be the last time poachers read about our bears. During World War II, one of the sayings was “loose lips sink ships.” History is an excellent teacher.

Timothy White

South Lake Tahoe

After reading both of Larry Suydam’s letters regarding funding for public safety (Nov. 13 and Nov. 27), they have made me suspicious. Mr. Suydam, you have labeled me the “designated hitter” for business interests, so I will do my very best to make it to Cooperstown.

— Advertising: Sir, they will not just come as you have stated. I wonder where the Tribune would be without advertising? The empty building might be a good site for another Longs. I also wonder what McDonald and Coke would think of your advertising advice? I am sure Las Vegas and Orlando would like to save millions as well. The point here is simple: We depend on tourism, and $350,000 is a small amount. Our city budget is in the millions with hundreds of other line items you could have looked at for public safety. Your target of the business community and this amount does not wash.

— The vote: Take our town back, you said, because council members Mike Weber, Jerry Birdwell and Ted Long voted to support advertising. On Oct. 25, it was moved by council member Weber and seconded by Long to approve a $350,000 allocation to LTVA. The 4-1 vote was carried to approve, with Mayor Kathay Lovell being the fourth vote. Next was a unanimous vote for the sum of $120,000 for the police department. Your facts are not accurate.

We have good leadership, and they will get it right. Public safety is a priority for this city, and the record will show it. All will not be pleased, but the majority will. Not long ago, the city was divided because of the citywide BID and the Chamber – that was unfortunate, and so was the fire, but the city came together. With this leadership, 2008 will be a year of progress.

Mr. Suydam, I now ask you: Who are you batting for?

Joseph Balius

South Lake Tahoe

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