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Letters to the editor for Feb. 19


Once upon a time

there was a happy little border town

with casinos just across the state line

where folks could roll the dice anytime.

But low and behold

the Big Boys came to town.

Bought the casinos, bought the ski hill,

then built their monument right in town,

a light flickering gondola.

The end game became

with the Big Boys calling the game,

the happy little border town

was to be just another place incorporated

with an appetite never to be satiated

trying for the Big Boys to become Big Time

by permitting condos, condos with all accessories

for the well-heeled who are rarely around

but raise the price of living in town

by more than three times three

causing working-stiff families to flee.

And so the happy little border town

got turned upside down

doing cartwheels with feet in the air

and head on the ground

to be only an amusement playground,

a bought place cartwheeling

like a sad little clown.

Bill Crawford

City councilman

South Lake Tahoe

Jerome Waldie’s Guest View (Feb. 14) about class warfare exhibits that class warfare really is a probability if the liberals continue to strive for socialism. They ignore the fact that over the long run, it has failed everywhere it has been tried. The failure occurs when the populace achieves the mediocrity their elitist leaders want and nobody is left to pay the bills.

He says there is a “depressing gap between the rich and poor in America.” Wait a minute, wouldn’t that gap be the middle class? If there is a gap, then there isn’t a middle class, so what’s the problem? But the few of us in this gap know that the way to get ahead is through our efforts to improve our value to society – not rely on the government to take from the rich and give to us.

A careful reading shows that he thinks wealth shouldn’t belong to those who earn it, but that the Democrats should be in charge of a “more just distribution of income.” His statement that “wealth is a status every American hopes to attain” ignores the fact that if you do attain it they want to take as much of it away from you as they can. Remember Hillary Clinton’s statement that “there just isn’t enough money to do everything I want.” Where would that money come from?

Now, the Democrats are in the paradox of getting behind a tax rebate to stimulate the economy while hoping you won’t remember their desire to take back three times the rebate in tax raises as soon as they can get in power. If lowering taxes stimulates the economy, why do they want to raise taxes? Apparently, Democratic politicians think we aren’t smart enough to logically compare two statements and see the inconsistencies in them.

Harold Parks


Once again, and true to form, I have been delivered mail that does not belong to me. It has happened more than 200 times in the short nine years we have lived here.

I was assigned to an aircraft carrier off the coast of Vietnam for eight months and routinely got excellent mail service. When I called the post office several years ago to inform someone of the problem, believe it or not, I was told nothing could be done about it because the carriers were unionized. I suppose it is like the civil service missile – it won’t work because you can’t fire it!

I fly airliners for a living, and I am also unionized. Rest assured, if I flew airliners like Tahoe delivers mail, I would not have to worry about going to work anymore. So I will dutifully take three individuals’ mail and personally deliver it to them as I have done to others in the past. It is my ardent wish that whoever gets my mail will reciprocate.

Lee Griffin

South Lake Tahoe

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