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Letters to the editor for Feb. 6

Wow, who would have thought that a significant economic indicator like berms would get so much press? About time.

Personally, nothing like a good berm to put a smile on my face. Why, you ask? A good berm means:

— A good workout – great for abs and arms.

— Lots of snow, which brings people to our town to spend money on goods and services.

— Lots of work for our locals and winter seasonal workers – keeps the money moving through the economy.

— More local sales equals more TOT and sales-tax revenues for our city.

— Lots of water, which is good for our lakes, streams and groundwater recharging and good for summer business as well.

So next time you get bermed, smile and grab a shovel and celebrate what a good berm means to our community.

By the way, the snowplow folks do a great job!

Brad Jones

South Lake Tahoe

In Warren Kessler’s Jan. 30 letter, he says our city and county snowplow operators are “wimps” who have made it their duty to screw the public.

As a 25-year resident, he should know that any “right-thinking” (his words) person needs to understand the ABCs of living in the mountains. A) It WILL snow (a lot); B) there WILL be berms in our driveways; and C) it’s MANDATORY to have one of the following to be successful here: a good snowblower, a strong back or a good contract with a snow-removal outfit. If we can’t find a way to deal with the berms in our driveway, we need to consider not being here in the winter.

Secondly, to imply for one minute that the city and county snowplow operators take pleasure in making our lives miserable is both mean-spirited and uninformed. After nearly 30 years as a senior executive with six local governments in three states (all of which deal with significant winter snow conditions), I can confidently say that the public servants who operate the plows here at Lake Tahoe are among the best in the business. Furthermore, to suggest that they just sit in their trucks and graders and move a couple of levers is a clear indication of a lack of understanding of what they actually do. Perhaps Mr. Kessler should consider a 12-hour ride-along the next time we get a foot of snow so that he can observe firsthand the operator’s need to watch out for stupid drivers, children in the streets, garbage cans, illegally parked cars, grocery carts and other obstructions while they operate a complicated piece of heavy equipment in low visibility. I salute our snow-removal crews and their dedication to making life easier (not harder) for all of us!

I want to remind everyone that there will be slush and ice in our driveway berms – and the quicker we get it shoveled out before it freezes, the easier it will be.

Enjoy the Tahoe winter! This is a fabulous place, but even paradise has its challenges.

Dave Childs

South Lake Tahoe

No snow equals no berms. Big snow equals big berms. I favor the latter. If you favor the former, quit whining and move to Phoenix.

Jim Dougherty

South Lake Tahoe

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