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Letters to the editor for Feb. 8

You people are missing the point about snow berms in our driveways. I totally agree that we need the plow drivers to keep our roads clear.

My problem is that we’ve spent hours grooming our driveways and clearing our mailboxes. We’ve had our exercise time! We’ve cleared the mailboxes so we don’t get a letter from the mail carrier.

We’ve done everything we need to do, and then down the street comes the plow! He sees us in the driveway and leaves the berm anyway. Come on! These machines do have a reverse. Back up and scoop up the berm. It can be done!

Why do all of us who complain need to move to Phoenix? What about the elderly who don’t have the energy or the extra money to hire snow removal? I don’t know of any homeowner-type snowblower that can grind up a 50-pound chunk of ice.

Come on, people – look around you. See who’s put the effort into doing a good job keeping our driveways clear. Give us a break!

And for all you goody-two-shoes who want to exercise, come to my house. I’d welcome a little help!

Debbie Mason

South Lake Tahoe

I’ve lived here 43 years and have been frustrated many times by the city snowplows leaving a berm in my driveway. I have friends who have driven a city snowplow, and I know what they go through.

When a big storm drops more than a foot of snow, the city snowplows can have trouble just finding a place to put it, especially if it’s midseason and the snowbanks on the side of the road are huge … like now.

I found a solution that helped me, and the snowplow operator.

After I clean my driveway, I clean an area large enough to park a car right before my driveway. That spot is for the city snowplow operator to have a place to dump his load before he crosses my driveway. It’s good for him, and it’s good for me. It’s not practical if you only have a shovel, but not a big deal if you own an 8- or 10-horsepower snowblower. When the weather is nice, that extra spot is also convenient for friends to park for the day.

Since I started this technique, I wake up every morning and my driveway is clear of berms, no matter how much snow has fallen. Sure, I have to deal with a berm about 20 feet away, but I can deal with it at my leisure; at least it’s not in my driveway. I hope this solution helps others.

Whenever the plow goes by, I always wave and smile and try to help make his day brighter, because I know he has to put up with a lot of abuse. People move up here from places where it never snows, and they expect no berms, when really you should be grateful we have city plows. It’s not an easy job.

Ken King

South Lake Tahoe

I recently had my snowboard stolen at a Lake Tahoe ski resort. I found out afterward that this happens quite often. It seems to me that many resorts aren’t doing enough to make us aware of this problem or to protect us from it.

I’ve made a short list of things we patrons can do to protect ourselves:

— Insure your equipment.

— Always use a lock. You can buy one at most ski shops for less than $20.

— If you’re at the base of the resort, always lock up your snowboard and equipment, or use the check-in services. The check-in services operate like a coat check, and some resorts offer it as a complimentary service.

— If you’re skiing with friends, mix your skis up together to make it harder for thieves to grab a pair and walk off.

Together, we can all work together to foil thieves and keep our resort visits the way they should be: fun and safe.

Kevin Watkins

San Francisco

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