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Letters to the editor for Jan. 22

It was inevitable that when significant snow arrived, there would be articles and letters complaining about berms blocking driveways and mailboxes. As a retired rural letter carrier, I am very happy that I no longer have to bash my vehicle into the snow attempting to reach clogged mailboxes – no more risking getting stuck, damaging my vehicle or endangering my safety by exiting the vehicle to deliver the mail. I am appalled that after 17-plus years of home-delivery service, this town has not figured out how to resolve this problem.

Snowplow drivers could leave the alleged berm-preventing gate down a couple more seconds so that the accumulated snow would not block the mailbox. Snow-removal services could include clearing the mailbox as well as driveways and walkways as part of their routine service. Homeowners could instruct these services to be sure to clear the mailboxes also and/or be sure that the mailbox is clear. Many carriers do exit their vehicles (although not required to do so) to deliver the mail, unless the box is buried or blocked by an insurmountable berm. With a little extra effort by all involved, this issue could be fixed, and we would not have to see these annual silly articles and letters in the Tribune. They don’t seem to have fixed the problem anyway.

Remember, if your mailbox is not clear of accumulated snow, you may be at risk of not receiving your mail. Of course, this is just another one of those silly letters, so I don’t expect any resolution will be forthcoming, and we will see more articles and letters later this winter and on and on into the years ahead.

Richard Svanoe

South Lake Tahoe

I am amused when we hear how Democrats of today are supposedly behind our troops but against the war. That paradox is easily explained when you realize the Democrats of today are no more than the sons and daughters of the same group who spit on me and my fellow American soldiers when we returned from Vietnam many years ago.

No, it wasn’t a popular war. If any of you think there is any such thing as a “popular” war, then you’ve never fought one, and you need to quit reading, cast your vote for Hillary and return to your mundane and pathetic lifestyles.

By the way, at some point, thank God that there are those who are willing to shoulder the burden you refuse to carry. I can only imagine, with glee, I might add, how Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi must be absolutely beside themselves with anger and misery, given the success of our honorable fighting men and women, and how much better the war in Iraq is going. Shame on you two. Rest assured, we will win this war without your help, and then sit quietly by while your arrogant Democratic leaders take credit for the very thing they tried so hard to ensure would fail. No, leopards don’t change their spots, and neither do traitors.

Lee Griffin

South Lake Tahoe

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