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Letters to the editor for Jan. 23

I fully concur with Jerry Rice of South Lake Tahoe (letters, Jan. 15) when he objects to the rude, uncaring or perhaps poorly trained snowplow drivers who work our city streets, wreaking havoc everywhere they tread.

I have lived in South Lake Tahoe for more than 20 years, and the pattern is a familiar one. There is always a steep learning curve lasting between six to eight weeks during which you can expect plow drivers to leave berms from 3 to 5 feet in front of – and sometimes in the middle of – your driveway. By the time they finally learn how to drop the gates when they go by driveways, winter is practically over. You might think things would be easier in the better neighborhoods, mais ce n’est pas ca, mes amis. From Glenbrook to the Keys, one hears the same complaint. Perhaps this would be good subject material for an upcoming city council meeting.

Steve Boone

South Lake Tahoe

Thank you for bringing up a No. 1 issue in this town – the lack of snow removal on sidewalks in the winter ( “A Closer Look,” Jan. 17). We’re talking about working people, students, medical patients, children, the elderly, the disabled, tourists (supposedly the basis of our economy) – all facing hazardous conditions when they attempt to move about this town in the winter on foot or on bicycle. We all try to drive carefully at night on Highway 50, but there have been scary instances when we’ve had to swerve to the left to avoid a walker in the right lane of the poorly lit road.

From the column, it seems Caltrans does not take responsibility for the snow removal. We’re left with voluntary removal by private businesses or partial removal by Parks and Recreation with one snowblower? What a sad statement for this town. What do other ski towns do? Should it be made into law that private businesses clear their areas and the city takes care of the public areas? In our previous hometown, everyone was expected (by law) to remove snow from their sidewalks (private homes and businesses alike).

Maybe the city has to invest in some special sidewalk snow-removal equipment. I’d like to hear the comments of the city council. Are we budgeting funds for snowmelt systems in future sidewalks and/or for “maintenance” snow removal? What can be done right now to prevent the eventual fatal or severe injury? Every day, those who have to move about on foot are seriously compromised during winter in this town.

To quote my husband: “There’s lots of talk of blight and redevelopment in this city, but the biggest example of blight in this city is the lack of sidewalks and the piles of dirty snow obliterating our walkways throughout the winter.”

Susan Stevenson

South Lake Tahoe

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