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Letters to the editor for Jan. 9

Ted Long’s letter of apology is a little too late. The damage has been done, and before we can answer back, he says he’s sorry? No way! The thought of putting the power of eminent domain in his hands is horrifying. He and his cronies’ vision of redevelopment should strike fear into the hearts of everyone who truly cares about this town.

Repairing infrastructure is the city’s responsibility, and as City Councilman Bill Crawford has already mentioned, it should have been done instead of phase one redevelopment, which has done nothing except put the city millions of dollars into debt and create a bankrupt eyesore at Stateline. That’s mismanagement.

Nobody is against upgrading infrastructure, as long as it’s done for the community and handled responsibly without selling out the town. That’s the problem.

Ted Long, you have totally lost your credibility within this community, and the best way for you to serve this town would be to resign. Your words and deeds are dividing our town, and that’s wrong. If we are lucky, some of your fellows will follow suit, resign and leave the local government in the hands of those who care about the people that live and work here rather than the hands of those eager to sell it to the highest bidder.

Putting eminent domain in the hands of Long and company is like putting a machine gun in the hands of mass murderers. Crawford was right when he stated that this has split the community. Infrastructure improvements? Yes. Ted Long and his cronies’ agenda? No. Let’s do it right: educate, unite the town and then put it to the vote. That is the only right answer.

Mick Clarke

South Lake Tahoe

South Lake Tahoe City Council member Ted Long’s recent guest column (“Councilman apologizes for ‘arrogance and ego’ “) smacks of the sort of hubris that comes from a person who hogs more camera time than all the other council members combined in their televised meetings.

His crystal-ball claim that the convention center/hotel will “reinvent our local economy and provide much-needed jobs, especially … for locals” made me choke on my Pellegrino. It is more than likely that the convention center, as it is now, will continue to provide profits for off-the-hill corporations, add to the already $200 million redevelopment debt and – well, yes – create more low-paying jobs with iffy benefits for local workers.

I might have missed the punchline in his joke of helping to develop “quality affordable housing” to replace the massive housing stock destroyed by the boondoggle of redevelopment. When was the last time Long or any other elected official in this community sought to rent a place to live in this town?

And, most disturbingly, he mentions nothing of the murky shadow cast upon him for his alleged malfeasance relating to his role in the Clean Tahoe program.

Would it not be nice if we could use Clean Tahoe to rid us of the litter of arrogance, ego, self-interest and self-absorption that the South Lake Tahoe City Council – Bill Crawford excluded, Jerry Birdwell highlighted – represents?

Don Regis-Bilar

South Lake Tahoe

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