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Letters to the editor for July 1-2

I have been intrigued to read the flurry of letters recently decrying the City Council’s decision to deny Do It Yourself Center a special use permit to put a home improvement center in the vacated auto dealership. Evidently all these folks were on vacation on June 16 when the City Council meeting was held, because none were there, beating their drums for free enterprise. I was there: The meeting was packed, and virtually all of the public comment was against the DIY Center. Except for the owner of DIY and his attorney, the only comment that could have been construed as favorable to DIY was from the head of the Lake Tahoe South Shore Chamber of Commerce, and that was cautionary rather than negative (toward Scotty’s appeal) in its tone.

Speaker after speaker made the point that this wasn’t about free enterprise, but common sense: What is the city gaining by welcoming another hardware store within 150 yards of two existing outlets? The “economic pie” isn’t going to grow; the slices just get smaller. Jobs will ultimately stay the same; somebody will probably be closing their doors.

I applaud the City Council for its unanimous decision. I don’t believe this was sending an anti-business message. I think the council has made it clear that they are in favor of attracting new business, but they’re not going to give every proposal a rubber stamp: It’s got to work for our community.

Larry Suydam

South Lake Tahoe

Matt Tillson was an extra benefit to our kids who had the privilege to play under his direction, not only on the field but as a friend and mentor throughout the school year and baseball season and beyond. His baseball program was a saving grace to a lot of kids including our son, Buck Pershing. As parents and supporters of the high school athletic program, we were avid fans in the bleachers at home and away games. We witnessed some of the great winning games during the two seasons that our son had the opportunity to play for Coach Tillson and his staff of Steve Yarrow and Chuck Diana.

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All of our sons and others went on to play college baseball at one level or another. As parents, we also witnessed a lot of bias against our team involving umpires, referees and blatant bad calls. This can become discouraging to the morale of the team. If your coach cannot stand up, question or protest, who else will step up to the plate? These situations also happen at the professional level. Competitive spirit is all part of the game, and emotions can run high and intense. It is a normal reaction for a coach to protest against a bad or unfair call.

Overall, Coach Tillson has done a great job with our boys and the standards to which they play. Matt Tillson is a person who gives to the community and the youth involved under his guidance, and is worthy to continue his position as head coach at South Tahoe High School.

Barbara and Glenn Pershing

South Lake Tahoe

This is an open letter to Congressman Tom McClintock:

I have been voting since I turned 18 in 1972, and I am a loyal Democrat. As loyal as I have been, I have always listened to both sides before voting on any particular issue or matter.

You, sir, are the worst Congressman I have ever had the pleasure of voting against. So please, please keep doing exactly what you have been doing, voting against every key piece of legislation the Democrats put forth. It will put yet another hole in the sinking boat being called the Republican party. Let your record reflect the backward thinking that caused this mess to begin with.

James A. Fanzone

South Lake Tahoe

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