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Letters to the editor for July 10

I see in the July 4 edition of the Tribune that Ted Long is up to being himself, hollow and verbose. When he criticized Mayor Birdwell and me on the call for the city manager’s resignation, Long did not say a word about the matter that caused the request for resignation, namely the unreported and uncontrolled spending by the city manager of general fund money listed as non-departmental which became a slush fund for the city manager to hire outside lawyers.

More than once the City Council directed the city manager to stop such behavior, to be accountable to the city attorney and the council. The city manager did not change his behavior. Thus, he failed to perform his duty. In my view, that is misfeasance.

On the subject of meeting individually with the city manager, over a two-year period in such meetings, I came to realize the meetings were futile. The city manager does as he pleases. I have served on the City Council for 61⁄2 years. During that time, I have observed the behavior of three city managers. All three have suffered from the same malady, i.e. all have contempt for city councils. They are experts who fancy that they know best.

As a councilman, I cannot perform my oversight duties when meetings with the city manager are futile, and the city manager ignores council’s direction. As for Ted Long, he lost the election. But that hasn’t changed his behavior. He continues to be verbose while stacking the cards without a full deck.

Bill Crawford

South Lake Tahoe City Council member

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I would really like to see the American spirit expressed by our city on national holidays.

Placerville always has patriotic symbols on the highway. Carson City always decorates for holidays. Our city seems to be a dead zone between the two. My fervent thanks go to all the private citizens along our highway who display their flags.

It really hit me last Memorial Day weekend. You could drive from one end of town to the other and never know there was a holiday. We have a local family whose son gave his life for this country.

We have a very personal reason to express our gratitude.

When the Fourth of July passed with the same lack of city display, I felt it was time to say something. Without this holiday, there would be no others. We have a fabulous fireworks night display. I’d love to see a presence during the daylight hours for the whole summer.

By my count, we have 18 traffic lights from Meyers to Stateline. Local retailers have a huge variety of flags and buntings at affordable prices. If we hang a flag or bunting on each side of the highway only on the lights, it would be an impressive statement at minimal cost. I know our city has no extra money, but I’m sure we can get the money together if the fire department will hang them.

Many advertising dollars are spent to bring guests to our community. When they arrive, they should see our pride.

When times are tough, it’s even more important for our city to put on a positive face. People feel the atmosphere of a community. Let’s make it a good feeling.

Lora Mowat

South Lake Tahoe