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Letters to the editor for March 11

This is in response to “Tough times in Douglas: Kahle may close,” posted on the Tahoe Daily Tribune’s Web site March 8.

Mere printed words do not adequately express the outrage I feel at the possibility of Kahle Community Center closing due to inadequate funding in Douglas County.

As a business owner and philosophical capitalist, I recognize that South Lake Tahoe is largely a tourist-driven economy, and I understand why AB 616 was passed in 1996 to redirect tax revenue from community programs to the tourism industry. I would even go as far as to say (gulp) that I can appreciate the reasons why our schools have been closing. Free-market forces have dictated that there is stronger demand for our beautiful lake as a tourist destination than as a locals’ community.

But a tourism-driven town should not be a dead town, and lawmakers have a responsibility to locals. Anyone who has spent time at Kahle Community Center knows that it is one of the last artifacts of “local community” at Lake Tahoe. Pickup basketball games are common between all age groups. It is not uncommon to see women walking the indoor track with babies in strollers. Never in my 23 years at Tahoe have I seen a place where people of so many different ages, races and economic statuses happily come together to exercise, play and encourage one another. The community center is, true to its name, the “Center of the Community.”

If costs need to be trimmed to keep the center open, cutting hours or personnel would be a reasonable approach.

While lawmakers tighten the belt to deal with the “recession” and budget constraints, they still have a responsibility to locals. We all know that government spending is far from efficient. It is now time for officials to roll up their sleeves, get to work and not take the easy way out. This is called “responsible governance.”

Lawmakers: This is your moment of truth. Your community is watching.

Bryan Rosner

South Lake Tahoe

Should Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama run together?

Hillary has such baggage that the other party is salivating at the chance to get at her. Obama should know better than to run on the same ticket with Hillary, either in first or in second place. Hello, President McCain. If Democrats, with lack of pragmatic thinking, are going to choose still another way to lose, Obama should have no part of it. He is our hope for the future, and waiting still another four years would be smarter for him than getting trounced along with Hillary.

William Bandes

Zephyr Cove

Good grief: What is this country coming to? Now some intellectually vapid judge in Los Angeles has single-handedly decided it is illegal to home-school your child without a proper teaching credential, and that all parents who do so are criminals subject to prosecution. I submit that every parent has always home-schooled their children; what we are really talking about is simply to what degree that education is fulfilled at home.

Many parents, thoroughly disgusted with the secular humanist curricula, destructive cultural influences, and lack of discipline, morality and standards of achievement have figured out that they can do a better job, and they routinely do. Home-schooled children regularly outperform “victims” of public education on standardized tests. How is this a bad (or more importantly, illegal) thing?

Early in this nation’s history, there were no public schools, nor have they ever been constitutionally mandated. Many of this nation’s iconic heroes were home-schooled, not because their parents thought it was a good idea, but because there was no other option. Why now has it suddenly become illegal for you to educate your child in the same fashion that Abraham Lincoln’s parents did?

This pathetic excuse for a judge is in for a rude awakening when righteously indignant home-schooling parents unite to defend their God-given right to raise their children as they see fit. These parents are more than willing to surrender their time; they’re just not willing to surrender their children. They will not relinquish their progeny to the state to be subjected to 12 years of a failing educational system that serves only to indoctrinate children at the behest of the teacher’s unions.

I’m hopeful that this ruling will be overturned on further appeal; however, if it is not, I would be gravely concerned for the safety of any law-enforcement officials who might be put in the untenable position of having to knock on doors to enforce the criminal prosecution of parents as a result of this absurd ruling. I suspect many sworn peace officers (especially those who also home-school their own children) would simply refuse; let’s hope it never gets to that.

Evan Williams

South Lake Tahoe

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