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Letters to the editor for March 14

I’m not surprised by all the praise being heaped on Maxine Atherton by students and faculty at Whittell High School. She also was regarded as an outstanding teacher at Turlock High School, where she began her 40-year-plus career in the 1960s.

I was lucky enough at Turlock High to take her American history class as a junior and her humanities course as a senior. Several midterm papers I’ve kept over the years from those classes stir memories of her passion for history and literature, and her ability to make the subjects come alive.

Miss Kane, as she then was known, had a talent for connecting with students and pushing them to a higher level. Her “compare and contrast” exercises helped develop critical-thinking skills. Her classes were so challenging that my university history and English courses came as no real difficulty.

It’s revealing to read in the Tribune how Atherton, who died last month, touched the lives of so many later students. I know I speak for other students when I say she represented the best of the teaching profession, and her intelligence, passion and kindness will be sorely missed. Thank you, Maxine Atherton, and other dedicated teachers for the vital role you play in shaping young minds.

Martin Griffith


I found the Tribune’s editorial March 7 right in line with the liberal media’s agenda. The premise that Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama must get along is true, but the last paragraph told it all when it said, “If elected, (John) McCain will continue George W. Bush’s disastrous policies, and that’s a fate this country can ill afford.”

The media has an agenda, and that is to not report the truth; it is to put forth who they believe should be elected and any ideals/ideas they think should be followed, not the facts.

I don’t believe there have been any disastrous policies – some mistakes, yes. We are in Iraq and Afghanistan, I believe, because of the indecisiveness of Bill Clinton – where is the press? You’ve got Kirk Caraway and Nancy “Look at Me” Pelosi spouting off about the U.S. attorney scandal. What scandal? Bill Clinton fired every single U.S. attorney while he was being investigated by them, but where is the press? Al Gore wins a major award for exaggerating information, if that info is even right in the first place. Where is the press? Harry “Tokyo” Reid and Pelosi and all the rest of the Democrats have not delivered on their campaign promises; where is the press?

Look, I love this country and believe it is the best place on Earth, but I also believe the Republicrat Party, big money, special interests, pork-barrel add-ons to bills (isn’t that actually buying votes?), our apathy and especially the “what are you going to do for me” attitude of the American people are helping to ruin it. I like Obama because he is not taking any money from big interests, and he might motivate the country to unite and get everyone to quit being so self-absorbed, but I might also vote for him so the liberals can finally have their Democratic president and put their money where their mouths are!

Eric Hellberg

South Lake Tahoe

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