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Letters to the editor for March 19

I can’t believe the city is going to go ahead with a project to spend more than $2.4 million dollars to add additional lanes to the “Y” intersection. This means the intersection will be expanded to seven lanes in all directions from the traffic light. This project is such a bad idea! If this project is completed, it means that the “Y” will never be a nice gateway into the city and will continue to look like a 1950s strip mall for at least the next 20 years. What they plan to do is essentially to increase the size of the asphalt “parking lots” where people sit with their engines idling while waiting for the lights to turn green.

Caltrans’ own studies (based on 12-year-old data) show that this won’t solve the traffic problem at the “Y.” Once this money is spent on this poorly-designed nonsolution, we’ll be stuck with this intersection forever. Now is the time to tell your city council members to stop this project before it’s too late. We need a better solution than just adding more lanes to an already huge, ugly intersection. This project needs to be stopped. Everyone needs to take a few deep breaths, then we need to find a better solution – a better way to spend that $2.4 million.

Hank Raymond

South Lake Tahoe

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Regarding the March 7 editorial about the nomination fight in the Democratic Party: It concluded by referring to President Bush’s “disastrous policies” and how Sen. John McCain must not be allowed to continue them should he be elected. The facts surrounding the president’s policies would suggest otherwise.

There have been no additional terrorist attacks on U.S. soil since Sept. 11, 2001.

U.S. and coalition forces have eliminated a brutal dictator in Iraq and liberated millions of its citizens. In partnership with the Iraqis, we are winning the war with al-Qaida in Iraq.

The president’s economic policies, including tax cuts for everyone who pays taxes, led the United States out of the slide toward recession in 2000 and helped to overcome the trillion-dollar hit that the economy took after the 9/11attacks. The IRS has recorded record revenues, and there has been job growth and low interest rates under the Bush administration.

The Medicare prescription drug program has enrolled 24 million seniors and is operating below projected costs.

Congressional Democrats continue to stand in the way of the president’s efforts to increase domestic oil exploration and production. Democrats and their special interests also stopped the Social Security reform as sought by the president.

Those are the facts and a record of achievement that the next administration should hope to build on. Unfortunately, the Democratic candidates propose the following: surrender and retreat in Iraq, the weakening of our intelligence and security capabilities at home, redistributing the income and wealth of individuals and corporations, reneging on international trade agreements, and steering off in the social/market direction of Western European countries such as France, Germany and Sweden.

I say let the Democratic candidates continue to fight in public, thereby exposing their radical agenda to the electorate for an honest evaluation. That the editor of the Tribune would bring a halt to the campaigning and deprive voters of this spectacle is misguided.

Paul Nanzig

South Lake Tahoe

I have seen this pattern before. The graffiti is from “taggers.” These kids are wannabe gangsters. This is how they start to earn the respect of the gang they want to be in. It’s not just the artwork of one group of kids vs. another’s. It is a territorial thing. This will escalate to more destructive and violent behavior from these kids.

The recent fights at South Tahoe High School are possibly from either wannabe gang members or from actual gang members. Just because they don’t meet the legal criteria to be called gang members doesn’t mean a thing. They will protect their comrades no matter what. That shows their loyalty to the gang they belong to or are pledging to. The gangs recruit from all ages and races.

I have been to my children’s elementary school to pick my kids up early from time to time, and I have noticed several different cars in the parking lot playing loud gangster rap and people just hanging out next to their cars. They have no business at the school at all. Nobody tells them to leave. They leave when the buses show up. Then they drive through the parking lot bumping the stereo, wearing their colors and flashing gang signs.

For all the people and police who think our little city is immune to gangs and the violence they bring, you are sadly mistaken. When your child comes home all beat up and bloody but won’t tell you who or why, your child has just been jumped into a gang. Your child now belongs to a new family. As far as sending the kids to juvenile hall, it needs to be done, but that’s treating the symptom, not the disease.

David Jones

South Lake Tahoe

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