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Letters to the editor for March 24

I had thought New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer’s recent downfall, brought about by having consorted with a prostitution ring, provided an unprecedented example of self-immolation. There he was – “Mr. Clean” himself, the “Sheriff of Wall Street” and the bane of several brothel operators – brought low before the world by his own salacious instincts. Could anyone ever top such hypocrisy?

Just leave it to none other than “fair and balanced” Fox News’ controversial commentator and tabloid columnist, Bill O’Reilly! His latest column, in which he pontificates self-righteously about the Spitzer affair, was published in the Tribune on March 18 (“Disgraced governor a victim of ‘Belushi Syndrome'”). It concludes as follows: “A self-destructive, self-loathing personality will find a way to blow everything up, and it doesn’t matter what kind of career the person has. We all know people like this. Stay away from them.”

The problem with this apparently unobjectionable admonition is that it comes from a man who only a few years ago was sued by a female Fox News producer for sexual harassment. O’Reilly eventually settled her suit out of court, but not before bestowing upon his former co-worker – who reportedly had audiotapes of his phone calls to her replete with heavy breathing – a hefty payment reportedly in the millions of dollars.

I always have regarded Bill O’Reilly as an intellectual thug bereft of even a semblance of personal integrity, and his latest column merely confirms that opinion. The Tahoe Daily Tribune should seriously consider dropping his column.

Fred Kalhammer


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