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Letters to the editor for March 25

I’m writing this letter to ask that everyone involved with Opening Day Lake Tahoe please hear me out. First off, I want to say that I think Opening Day is a great thing to bring people to the area. More people equals more revenue for everyone up here. But I don’t think it is a good idea to invite a bunch of people up here and then close the main road. I think that’s just crazy.

Are you aware of what happened last year when the road was closed? It was a huge mess. People come up here and jump back and forth between California and Nevada over their stay. I work in the tourism industry, and everyone (local merchants and guests to the area) I ran across last year during that time was really upset and puzzled as to why you would invite people up here, then close the main road that connects everything.

Again, have the Opening Day, but please don’t close the road. If anyone else feels the same or experienced the same, please write in and let people know.

John Spinola

South Lake Tahoe

I support Measure A, the bond to improve and repair South Lake Tahoe’s schools. Our town sorely needs development for locals. What better place to start than our schools? We need Measure A to get $11 million in state matching funds that won’t be available again for many years to come.

Our high school and middle school buildings are old and tired. We can’t afford to wait another 10 to 15 years to improve them. Truckee and the West Slope have school bonds on the June ballot. Let’s not let South Tahoe schools fall behind – vote yes on Measure A. Let’s build a future for our town.

Chris Campion

South Lake Tahoe

I am writing because of the growing amounts of vandalism within our city. If anyone were to drive through our community, they would come across numerous “taggings” within just a few minutes. Yes, graffiti is a part of any city, but once our magnificent “Welcome to Lake Tahoe” sign was tagged, I became extremely fed up with the situation.

We need to somehow stop these criminals in our city. If we do not, before long, our city will look like the average downtown filth of large cities. To stop those who are vandalizing, I believe we need to step up with authority. For example, in places where there tends to be more vandalism, we should have a police officer patrol a little more often. Then we should work together as a community and keep our eyes sharp and ears open. If we see or hear of any act of vandalism, we should report it to the police.

Also, maybe we could even start a cleanup volunteer program, where anyone could volunteer to clean up graffiti or repaint vandalized property. This volunteer program would also be a great way for high school students to help their city and gain volunteer hours.

Let’s work together and keep our beautiful Lake Tahoe the amazing place it is.

Kristina Lee

South Lake Tahoe

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