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Letters to the editor for March 3

I was glad I attended the redevelopment meeting on Feb. 22. I heard City Manager David Jinkens and his staff say they were going to do everything possible to remove the power of eminent domain from the redevelopment process. The room was full of citizens and businesspeople looking for hope ” hope for a “friendly” redevelopment agency, an agency willing to listen to the local person. I, for one, left the meeting full of hope.

For the first time, I heard the term “Localville.” Localville is a place without big chain stores that send our money out of town. Localville is a place with a “unique Tahoe shopping experience.” Carson City gets $249 million in sales from California every year. If we can create our own unique shopping experience, then people will come to Tahoe to shop. Thanks to the hard work by the Tahoe Valley Community Plan people, most of the design work for Localville has been done.

Businesses and homebuilders are looking for regulatory relief. It’s just too hard dealing with all the governmental agencies and the fees and regulations. The city staff is promising to make these processes easier. We talked about sidewalks on Highway 50. This is a very complicated endeavor involving Caltrans and its diminishing funds.

Questions about the Lukins Water Co. came up. It will take at least $25 million to bring the system up to standard. One person said: “It’s my understanding that the city is interested in putting on special town hall meetings just for the Lukins Water customers to discuss their options.” Jinkens responded: “I would love to do that.”

The bottom line is “trust.” This word was mentioned several times at the Citizens Alliance meeting where Jinkens did his best to win our trust and assure us the right kind of redevelopment can benefit the South Shore. In the old days, most of the shopping was here; now, we have to compete with Truckee, Tahoe City and Carson. The hope is that redevelopment will bring some of those shoppers back to our town.

South Lake Tahoe

I would like to say that I really respect what our teachers do for our children. They educate them, teach them social skills and help turn them into young adults who determine our nation’s future.

Our school system has some issues, though. Since school started in September, my children have been off a week in November and two weeks through December and January. There was another week in February, and coming soon is an Easter break and/or a spring break. Schools are closed for every holiday; they close for teachers’ conferences and for any other reason that they can come up with.

My children have substitute teachers several times a month, almost once a week, and I find this very annoying. The substitutes are either too soft and no work gets done, or they’re too harsh and offend the kids. Substitutes don’t know the personalities in the class or how to handle them.

If my children miss too many days of school because of illness, vacation or for whatever reason, I get a warning notice in the mail. Can I send a warning notice back to the school if I feel the school system or the teacher has taken too many days off? I counted 39 days that school is closed during the regular school year, not to mention the snow days. I know school closes because of snow for safety reasons, but don’t you think a week off from school and an accurate weather report is enough warning to prepare for the upcoming storm? (Or does education take a back seat once again in this city?) Then there are the extra child-care expenses and inconvenience of trying to find a baby sitter if child care is not affordable. Some day-care providers also close at the same time as the schools, so they are not an option, either. So, I have to call in to work.

Again, I think our teachers are underappreciated and work hard educating our children, but with all the days off, I may as well home-school my children like so many other parents do. I think that out of the 39 scheduled days off from school (eight school weeks), our children would benefit from spending some of that time in the classroom and not watching TV or playing video games at home.

South Lake Tahoe

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