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Letters to the editor for May 16, 2014

Vote ‘yes’ on Measure L

For many of us, the library was a magical place when we were children. There were so many books to enjoy, certainly more than our parents could afford to buy. Our own children learned to love the same books and were introduced to many more through patient librarians during countless story hours. Now our visiting grandchildren select both old and new favorites from the shelves while also playing with local children in the housekeeping section and building architectural masterpieces at Lego parties. As our family has grown and changed, so has our wonderful South Lake Tahoe Library evolved into a true media center with many ways to deliver both good reading and needed information, including those nifty i-pads that can be checked out and taken home!

On Tuesday, June 3, our South Shore community has the opportunity and, I believe, the privilege to show support for this vital community resource by voting yes on Measure L. This measure continues the parcel tax that has been in place for 20 years, at a reasonable rate of $20 per parcel per year, with a small increase allowed each year for 12 years based on the Consumer Price Index. Just as the library has been there for us, so do we need to make sure it is still there for the next generation. We can do that by voting “yes” on Measure L.

Jeanne Benin

South Lake Tahoe

Eliminate paid parking

It isn’t parking management, it’s ticket-writing.

I’m asking you to vote yes on Measure P to remove the ticket-writing program and neighborhood parking restrictions at both Lakeside Beach and Tahoe Commons.

I’ve owned a home in our city for 46 years but I can’t vote because it’s my second home. I’m retired. I reside in Arizona and spend five months at Lake Tahoe. I can’t register to vote in elections which affect my Tahoe home, so I’m asking you to be my voice.

A “Yes” vote on Measure P will stop this ticket-writing program which angers tourists and locals.

A “Yes” vote will eliminate the program you never said you wanted. Past and recent surveys suggest that paid parking is rejected by 80 per cent of the residents.

Let’s make our city the friendliest tourist destination in the West. The successful tourist destination of Scottsdale, Ariz., has free parking. Parking is free on the street and in garages, by City Council edict. The successful tourist destination of Sedona, Arizona has free parking on the street and at the city built garages. South Lake Tahoe should do the same!

South Lake Tahoe’s goal is a recreation/tourist based economy yet the ticket-writing program is driving away customers. A “Yes” vote will encourage “delighted” tourists to return with friends and support a sustainable recreation/tourist based economy. At Lakeside Beach last year 50% fewer tourists with free passes came to the beach. The only difference was paid parking. Don’t let paid parking drive even more away. Keep the tourists coming to support our hotels, restaurants and all our businesses.

I question why Nevada groups are giving money to keep the ticket-writing program in our city. They have free parking in Stateline!

Vote “yes” on Measure P.

Andy Engelhardt

South Lake Tahoe

Understanding maintenance of the Commons

I’m reading and hearing quite a lot of questions about how Measure P would affect the maintenance funding of the Lake View Commons. In February the city made some changes to the paid parking program, these include a local’s annual pass (M-F) for $40, the removal of paid parking on Venice Dr. ( which is mostly used by locals), shortening the hours to 8 a.m.-8 p.m.. In the current budget, all money collected from kiosks at Lake View Commons and the Boat Ramp goes to maintenance and improvements of the Commons (boat launch fees are already dedicated to boat launch expenses). What the result of attaching the paid parking revenue directly to the Commons means is that maintenance funding will not come from the general fund and thus it will not be in constant threat of being cut to fund other programs as the budget fluctuates. Maintenance of the Commons is critical to keeping it a stellar spot for visitors and locals alike. When the various groups are all asking for the city to spend money on more police, recreation, bike trails, roadway maintenance, and many other things that all come from the general fund, things like park maintenance don’t look so glamorous and can too easily be cut. Please vote “no” on Measure P to ensure maintenance funding for the Commons.

Pete Fink

South Lake Tahoe

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