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Letters to the editor for May 2

If kids were king and they had the power to run our government, then the theaters would be back at the “Y”; kids would not have to pay to ride the school bus; there would be a skateboard park at the “Y,” at Camp Rich, in Meyers and at Stateline; the Chocolate Factory would not be closing; the schools would not have to beg for money; there would be sidewalks on Highway 50; and the Wildlife Care Center would be in town where more kids could help.

Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis said, “If you bungle raising your children, I don’t think whatever else you do matters very much.” Can we apply this insight to a town? Does a town have a responsibility to raise its children?

Many groups are hard at work planning the future of Tahoe, and a lot of these plans involve chasing the “tourist dollar.” Are there any plans for helping our kids? Doesn’t Measure A help our kids?

Our kids deserve all the help we can possibly give them. On a worldwide level, the schools in our nation are shamefully behind. We can send hundreds of millions of dollars overseas at the drop of a hat and at the same time pull money out of the schools year after year. If the kids are our future, then our future is in the hands of our teachers. If we trust our teachers and they want Measure A, then we are committed to pass the measure or replace these teachers with people who are willing to send more school money overseas.

I know there are people opposed to Measure A, and I would ask them to focus on solutions. It’s easy to criticize and find fault with the measure, but the truth is, our kids need the help now. Our kids have been neglected for a long time, and the people who would vote no on Measure A have also had a long time to come up with a better plan. Measure A is before us now, so let’s give the kids a little help, and in the meantime we can work on newer and better ways to fund education.

Ernie Claudio

South Lake Tahoe

I am an Auburn resident and registered voter in California’s 4th Congressional District who has been paying close attention to the current race. After the 4th District has been let down by Rep. John Doolittle for many years, it is time to elect someone who we can trust to represent our district.

Out of the four Republican candidates for Congress, the only honest one worth voting for is Theodore Terbolizard. While the media focuses all their attention on Tom McClintock and Doug Ose debating pointless issues, Terbolizard is the only candidate who truly stands for liberty and the Constitution. Terbolizard sincerely supports lowering taxes, securing our constitutional rights, ending the war in Iraq and ending government corruption.

I encourage all registered voters in the district to research Theodore Terbolizard and his campaign. His platform and views are located at http://www.terbocongress.org. Take a look, and you will probably like what you see.

Vote for liberty and honesty. Elect Theodore Terbolizard for California’s 4th District congressional seat.

Michael Hanson


As I get ready to finish high school and choose where I want to go to college, I wonder if there will be enough opportunities in Lake Tahoe in the future to entice some of us to come back to our hometown and begin lives.

Many areas have improved with development or are in the process of doing so, but that might not be enough. Small-town businesses are closing their doors all the time, teacher rifts occur, and development projects such as the convention center stand still. Our generation is counting on certain leadership organizations and media who lead our community to continue to find ways to improve our local economy and the desirability to live here or visit.

Hopefully, those who would like to come back after college and whatnot will actually have the choice to, and be able to live here happily.

Erica Kolari

South Lake Tahoe

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