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Letters to the editor for May 27

How can we, as a community, ask people to support higher taxes in a time when the economy has taken a turn for the worse; gas, food and just about everything costs so much more; businesses in our town are closing; our local economy is struggling, at best; and the state is in financial crisis? Now we hear the news of MontBleu and Horizon, including news that maybe even more people will be leaving Tahoe to find jobs and an affordable place to live.

How can we ask people who are just getting by to pay higher taxes for Measure A? Before we ask for more money to better schools, we need to make sure the people of this community can afford to even live here. If more people leave, our schools have fewer students and the school district gets less funding. Then what, another cry for more taxation?

Could it ever be that a school or utility district, a city or county, or state or federal government live within its budget and save for those future costs like you and I have to do?

Now is not the time to ask our community to pay more in taxes. Now is the time to be concerned that we keep our community and help people stay in Tahoe during this difficult period.

Gretchen Abravanel

South Lake Tahoe

Whether your career required vocational training or a college education, you might have applied for a scholarship or a loan to help. Or maybe you took out a mortgage on that first home. It wasn’t the easiest way to start, but it was an investment in your future. This community has the opportunity to invest in the future of its young people with Measure A.

It is much like that college loan where you feel the potential makes the risk seem smaller. With $15 million in matching funds available from the state, it is like getting a huge scholarship to match our student loan for all our students. Please vote yes on Measure A to bring Lake Tahoe Unified School District’s students brighter opportunities for their futures.

Marcia Sarosik

South Lake Tahoe

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