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Letters to the editor for May 29

I’ve lived in South Lake Tahoe for more than 25 years. I’ve owned and run a business here for all but one of the 25-plus years. My two daughters were born and raised here, and they attended the local schools.

After my daughter graduates from high school this June, I’ll have no children in the schools. But I support Measure A, because I know it’s absolutely necessary to bring our school facilities up to date.

I’ve watched over the years as my children attended classes in old, dilapidated portable classrooms (trailers, really). I’ve heard how they and their friends ate lunch in the hallways or outside because the high school does not have a cafeteria large enough to adequately serve our student population.

I’ve seen how their use of obsolete technology and equipment in the schools place them at a great disadvantage compared with students in other districts.

Our teachers are wonderful, but our school facilities simply can’t compete with the newer and more up-to-date schools of other California school districts.

Measure A will allow us to make the renovations and repairs our schools desperately need. It will not be easy for the next generation to succeed in the new global economy. To be able to compete for good jobs, our students need the modern facilities and technology that Measure A will provide.

As a former local business owner, I recognize that Measure A is necessary to keep our community vital and stable. We need good schools with modern facilities to attract families to the South Shore and to help contribute to the strong, skilled work force that we need for our local businesses to be successful.

Even though my children won’t benefit from the improvements Measure A will fund, the students coming up through the ranks need and deserve them.

Our first responsibility is to our children and their education. Measure A is good for our children, good for our businesses and good for the community.

I urge you to vote yes on Measure A.

Harry Segal

South Lake Tahoe

I feel as though I am that voice crying in the wilderness. So many people have voiced their approval of this extravagant, overly ambitious $87 million school bond measure, Measure A. We just have to have it all. Our property taxes are seen as the proverbial cash cow.

I called my friend down in Woodland this morning and asked her what was on her tax bill. She said there were two old school bonds listed. I said, “We have 10 items on our tax bill, including two old school bonds. It seems that everybody is at the trough.” They have mosquitoes in Woodland. They have fire departments, ambulances, etc. Somehow, Yolo County pays for these things. El Dorado County doesn’t pay for these things, or maybe the homeowners down in Woodland don’t vote for them.

Every time a new Indian casino sprouts up, we hear a lot about money for schools and the lottery, too, that we will eventually garner. Quando?

Years ago, when I was living here, it became necessary to move to Woodland (more money) and rent my home in Tahoe to a reliable couple. While I was in Woodland, I caught up on the five years of back taxes on my Tahoe house, which I was unable to pay when I lived here. That’s when Mr. Jarvis was working on his “tax revolt,” Proposition 13, which has become a pariah to those who can’t live within their perimeters.

Please don’t vote for this. Maybe someone can put together a Jimmy Carter plan for schools.

Moira Loughran

South Lake Tahoe

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