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Letters to the editor for May 5

Measure A will hopefully become a hot topic in the next two months. Ultimately, it will bring in much-needed funds for our school district. As a homeowner, parent and high school coach, I support this measure 110 percent, even though it will cost my family more than $200 per year.

However, that is not the point of this letter. We all know that some homeowners will support this measure and some homeowners will not, but most will vote with their budget in mind. We all realize that every town needs opposing viewpoints such as Bill Crawford’s to keep government in line, but the individuals whom I want to reach out to are those families who rent and are registered to vote. Why?

Because registered voters who rent in this town have the same voting power as registered voters who are homeowners. That’s right: If you rent, have school-age children and you vote, your children can get all the benefits that this measure offers to our school district without any impact on your budget.

Renovated gyms, new shop and auto classes, the Green Academy, and new baseball, softball and football fields are all necessities. As a varsity coach, I go to a lot of schools throughout the year in Nevada and California and I can assure you that our facilities are near the bottom. More importantly, I would invite Mr. Crawford, Peter Guth, Stephen Reinhard and any other doubter to travel with my varsity team and watch the faces of these young men when we once again walk onto another school’s campus and their faces tell the story of how their school’s facilities compare.

So, for all the renters out there who wish they could get some of the breaks that homeowners do, now is your chance to get something for nothing. All you need to do is:

1. Register to vote.

2. Vote yes for Measure A on June 3.

Then get ready to enjoy a much-needed face lift for our school district. All the current and future students in this district will thank you for it.

Chris Proctor

South Lake Tahoe

In Kirk Caraway’s column from April 24, “What is fair in life and politics?”, Mr. Caraway made the statement that “Republicans agree the world is unfair but do not think it can be fixed, and that it’s their right to take advantage of this unfairness to get what they want.” Simply put, this is a terrible statement that serves no purpose other than to contribute to the gridlock that has enveloped our society. This country needs, more than anything else, to engage in a civil dialogue aimed at solving our common problems. When a person decides to defame a large segment of our population, that person severely impedes our ability to engage in dialogue, examine problems and possibly reach a consensus regarding a solution.

Neither Democrats or Republicans will be able to solve the problems our country faces. The solutions are most likely to come when we can objectively examine ideas wherever they come from. Statements like the one made by Mr. Caraway at a minimum impede the dialogue that will be necessary for our country to continue to evolve. Yes, it is true that Republicans are less likely to believe that the federal government can solve many of the problems our country is faced with. This does not mean that Republicans don’t desire social justice. Conversely, Democrats, who are often very concerned with social justice, will often admit that the government may not always be the path by which to achieve social justice. The solutions will only be found and implemented if both groups can sit together and examine solutions with an open mind.

As to the ABC debate last month when it “took almost an hour” to get to the issues: Barack Obama’s and Hillary Clinton’s policies have been the subjects of many debates over the past year. I submit that it is valid for the candidates and electorate to examine the “gotcha” issues: those that speak to a person’s behavior, their moral code and their ability to adhere to that code. After closely watching our government over the past 20 years, I am convinced that character does matter.

Marc Whitehill

South Lake Tahoe

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