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Letters to the editor for May 7

The cost of living is high enough now without Lake Tahoe Unified School District board members wanting to make it harder to survive. Most families work two jobs to make ends meet. Measure A will take away their extra money. Measure A proposes property owners paying the assessment tax. Renters, don’t be fooled. Your landlord, as a business person, will pass on the tax increase to you in the form of a rent increase.

Has any thought been given to senior citizens who own their own home and are living on a fixed income? How fair is Measure A now?

My wife and I put three children through this school system. When they needed extra money to participate in sports, travel, food, lunches or books, we paid for it. We didn’t ask our neighbors or other Tahoe residents for the money. That was our responsibility.

I question why the district is having budget problems, even after they closed two schools. Are they spending wisely?

Voters, think; don’t be suckered in by being made to feel guilty for not helping the kids.

Vote no on Measure A.

George Bergman

South Lake Tahoe

I want to encourage my fellow citizens and community and business leaders to take action regarding global warming. By joining Web sites such as wecandoit.org and following the suggestions proposed there and on the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s climate-change Web site, we can all be effective at creating positive changes. We can set examples to others and encourage them to make these changes as well. We can show our kids that democracy is alive and well ” all we have to do is participate.

Additionally, global warming is not just some big issue out there affecting somewhere else and someone else. It affects our climate, our lake, our health, our environment and our economy. We can help by taking the actions suggested on these Web sites. Taking action will make all of us feel good about ourselves in knowing that we can make a difference.

U.S. policy requires an 18 percent reduction in greenhouse gases by 2012. Unless individuals, business and government take action by reducing, reusing and recycling, using recycled products and renewable energy, driving smaller cars, and using green products, etc., that goal will not be met, and the Earth as we know her today may not make it in the end.

Please help. Go to these Web sites, take action and tell your friends. We can make a difference!

Laura Gizara

South Lake Tahoe

There is a very major flaw in planning for uncontaminated boats on Tahoe: self-certification. I hope the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency, backed by the League to Save Lake Tahoe, will get quite serious about this:

— Self-certification has never been successful 100 percent on any program in this country on any matter.

— It takes only one infection to ruin Lake Tahoe by a zebra mussel or similar animal, or by any new plant specimen such as the milfoil infecting the Tahoe Keys, now spreading around the lake. The expense and the constant attention now given to the milfoil cleanup and containment represents an easy management situation compared with the situation if the lake is contaminated by one of these aquatic animals. The Great Lakes have shown us all the evidence needed to prove this.

— Animals such as the zebra mussel cannot successfully be removed 100 percent from all parts of a boat ” too many crevices. And who will spend the time to be thorough, anyway?

— A government program that involves employees washing boats and equipment also cannot possibly accomplish a 100 percent coverage, 100 percent thorough decontamination program, for the same reasons.

Only one program seems able to prohibit this threatening, imminent situation:

— Prohibit any incoming boats unless they are brand-new.

— Encourage resident boat rentals and ready access from all parts of the lake.

Such an effort should gain backers from rental businesses, and from all boaters, lake residents and visitors who want to retain our beautiful lake.

What are the implications of not doing this? The odds of such infection(s) are, I suggest, 100 percent. Then what? It cannot be cleaned up or removed (per Wikipedia). And what will be the expense of forever cleaning water pipes, newly infected boats, docks, sewage lines, etc., and who will pay?

Ann Harmon


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