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Letters to the editor for Nov. 8

Drats! Foiled again! Just when I got all of my puppet minions in play, my evil plot was thwarted by Duane Wallace (heretofore known as SuperDuane). Had it not been for SuperDuane, my scheme to take over the universe (starting with the South Tahoe Public Utility District board of directors) just might have worked. But now that the lid is blown off my angry cabal, I guess it’s back to the drawing board. Curse you, SuperDuane!

Seriously, I wanted to thank Mr. Wallace for his letter. It reinforced the importance of sticking to issues during public discourse. Quite honestly, I don’t know what a “cabal of angry men” is, but feel confident it isn’t complimentary. (Personally, I think it’s a little sexist. I’m pretty darn sure there are some angry women out there.) Somehow, I’ve become my own special-interest group, joining the firefighters and police as new inductees into the category.

What I found most interesting in his letter was the complete avoidance of substantial debate. My letter outlined five issues directly related to the race. He didn’t address a single one.

Instead, he claims to have taken “the high road.” Let’s map that road. Mr. Wallace made up ridiculous conspiracy theories about me. He belittled and offended his opponents by labeling them puppets without the capacity for independent thought. He claims my “cronies” were to blame for decaying pipes, financial chaos and terrible morale (I believe referring to a timeframe when I was not even here, but in residency in Sacramento). If that’s the high road, I’d hate to see things get ugly.

Mr. Wallace, I disagree with many of your policies but have never assailed your character. As a public official, you shouldn’t be surprised when someone holds you accountable for your decisions. Rather than attack those who question your policies, why not try the novel approach of explaining your position? His fellow board members lamented in their editorial “unsubstantiated and misleading claims are a sad byproduct of local elections.” I agree completely.

Congratulations to the election winners in all races. To those who lost, thanks for putting yourself out there for your community.

Pat Martin

South Lake Tahoe

On Oct. 31, a letter to the editor stated, “Duane Wallace had demonstrated his tax-and-spend mentality in other public areas. He was a strong advocate for the citywide BID tax …”

I am not aware of other issues Duane Wallace supported, but I am very familiar with the BID. At the time of the BID proposal, I was a member of the board of directors of the South Lake Tahoe Chamber of Commerce. As the executive director of the chamber, it was the job of Duane Wallace to execute policy set forth by the board. What was done in the line of following the direction of his employer has created a misplaced association that Duane Wallace was the personal advocate of the BID, when in fact Duane was working at the direction of the board of directors.

His exemplary performance as a board member of STPUD should not be overshadowed by misunderstanding his actions as an employee of the South Lake Tahoe Chamber of Commerce.

David Borges

South Lake Tahoe

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